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Nov 3, 2012 07:00 AM

NO for the wknd

in town for the wknd with a group of 20 in our mid 20's looking for some food recs. we're looking to have one moderately priced dinner out ($50/pp tops) and all other meals on the cheap side ($20 or less preferably).

i know this is a food haven but looking for a few must hit spots and also tips for a place that can accommodate our large party.

also, anything in walking distance from 2000 Napoleon Ave., ideally for breakfast/brunch?

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  1. If you do a search you will find several very good threads on both groups your size and economical eating.

    I'll let some uptown people comment on breakfast eating. I would guess the best choices would be on Feret.

    You will find that few places are happy about seating anything over an 8-10 top. They will want to break you up or you will be in a private room which reduces your choices.

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      You're staying very close to Pascale's Manale--you could walk. Besides being known for its BBQ Shrimp, it is a large, reasonably-priced restaurant and you might be able to secure a table if you reserve ahead of time. Not sure if they do lunch, but you could check. Freret Street is close, as collardman notes, so you could try the High Hat Cafe for breakfast/lunch one day. There is also Dat Dog for hot dogs, a good burger place, and 2 pizza places. There is also a great cocktail bar called Cure. 20 people for dinner is tough. For a group in your 20s, you might try Jacques-Imo's on Oak Street. They may be able to accommodate you if you call ahead. Otherwise, I think you're going to need to reserve a private room somewhere.