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Nov 3, 2012 06:17 AM

Trader Joe,s UWS After Storm?

We shop frequently at the UWS store. Anyone been there in the last day or two? Is it stocked? Empty? More insanely crazy than usual?

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  1. Well, visited TJ. A line to get in, but it went quickly. A lot of stuff picked over, but as always, staff working hard to keep the place stocked. Apparently the only store in the city open.

    1. An hour or do ago, the line to get in was around the corner and down 72 St- and it was not moving very quickly.

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      1. re: Ann900

        Long line Sunday afternoon. Dont know how fast it moves, since I didnt feel like standing in it to save 20c on a gallon of milk when Fairway is 2 blocks up ;-)

        I know it's a good store, I'm in there all the time, but is it worth the wait when other less crowded alternatives are so close by? To some the answer is obviously, Yes, but I confess I dont get it.

        1. re: gavspen

          Wife was just there. No line, pretty well stocked shelves.

          1. re: gavspen

            I don't get it either. Fairway was its usual crazy self but my wife was in and out in 3 minutes buying some spices for dinner. What in the world does TJs have that Fairway doesn't?

            1. re: Tubulus

              +1. There are things I get there. Dry goods mostly, pasta, certain nut but not others, the herbed popcorn is good and it is a 2 block shorter walk with a few sixes of beer but the frozen and refigerated and produce sections are no go to me. not much price advantage and I see a quality diff.