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Nov 3, 2012 12:31 AM

Vita-Mix vs. Hurom Slow Juicer - Which to buy?

Wanting to make drinks from green leafy veggies, fruit, other veggies, and seeds. Looking for opinions on which machine to purchase. Have been using my 35 year old blender which does a good job of blending everything but the amount of pulp in drinks makes them almost slushies. It's too much fiber in one's digestive system.

Would I have as much pulp using a Vita-Mix or would pulp be more finely ground and therefore be reduced in glass? Juicer does remove all pulp which I'm not certain I want although some of the pulp could be reblended into juice.

Seems like the Vita-Mix would be easier to clean then the multiple piece juicer.

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  1. The two machines are different, as you well know. I would opt for the Vita-Mix , which we have, because of it's versatility. As far as too much fiber, one can always reduce the quantities of the ingredients. But if you are strictly a "juicer", then a dedicated juicer is probably your best option.

    1. I use my juice extractor for making juice and I use my vitamix to blend. Frankly I don't like to drink all that fiber. My daughter uses the vitamix to make green smoothies but if I want carrot and apple juice I'm using my juice extractor. I tried it once in the vitamix and even straining it didn't improve it enough.