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Nov 3, 2012 12:29 AM

Las Brisas [San Francisco] - La Lengua Chronicles Part 26

Date Dined: 10/31/12

For a quick Halloween dinner, I ordered a breakfast burrito from Las Brisas, the newly re-done restaurant close to Mission's intersection w/ Cesar Chavez. The place isn't really a taqueria, but rather a sit-down place, but they do still have tacos and burritos on the menu, and I ordered mine to go.

The burrito was really hefty, and was loaded with chorizo, cheese, scrambled egg, rice, beans and a decently spicy salsa. It tasted pretty good, though I wished I had ordered it w/ guacamole for a cool balance to the heavy flavors. Very filling for the price (around $5 if I recall correctly). The only other diners at the place had fajitas, which actually looked and smelled quite good. Might be worth giving this place another shot eventually, despite the glaring bright lights and sterile new interior.

Las Brisas
3137 Mission @ Precita

La Lengua Chronicles:
Dave MP

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  1. Thank you so much for your reports! Work is sending me to this area 2 days a week for at least the next two months, so this info. is invaluable!

    1. I used to enjoy their seafood dishes (especially fish tacos) but I haven't been there in a long while. Did it still seem like they were emphasizing that?

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        Not sure about fish tacos, but they do still seem to be emphasizing seafood. Not sure what it would be like now vs. before, but could be worth a try.