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Harvey's Shooting sherry

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I know they stopped making this years ago. Just wondered if anyone knew of a similar brand that's available now? It was the perfect blend of sweet and dry. Also, recently tried the Pastoria Cream sherry that Trader Joe's is selling for $4.99 and found it a pretty good substitute for Harvey's Bristol Cream.

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  1. You may get a more thorough reply and/or multiple replies if you ask this question on the WINE board - Sherry being, after all, a wine. That said, to the best of my recollection, John Harvey & Sons produced Shooting Sherry from young(er) Oloroso that was ***lightly*** sweetened with Pedro Ximénez. In this, it was different from their Bristol Milk and Bristol Cream sherries, which were made from increasingly older Olorosos and PX.

    Are you looking for a great wine? or a similar offering available at Trader Joe's?