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Nov 3, 2012 12:29 AM

Harvey's Shooting sherry

I know they stopped making this years ago. Just wondered if anyone knew of a similar brand that's available now? It was the perfect blend of sweet and dry. Also, recently tried the Pastoria Cream sherry that Trader Joe's is selling for $4.99 and found it a pretty good substitute for Harvey's Bristol Cream.

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  1. You may get a more thorough reply and/or multiple replies if you ask this question on the WINE board - Sherry being, after all, a wine. That said, to the best of my recollection, John Harvey & Sons produced Shooting Sherry from young(er) Oloroso that was ***lightly*** sweetened with Pedro Ximénez. In this, it was different from their Bristol Milk and Bristol Cream sherries, which were made from increasingly older Olorosos and PX.

    Are you looking for a great wine? or a similar offering available at Trader Joe's?

    1. bumping this thread as i was just given a bottle of this when my dad cleaned out his liquor cabinet...

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        And do you have a specific question about it? It was discontinued years ago . . .

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          oh, haha, sorry about that.
          guess i misread the first post...what do i do with it?
          is it drank "straight", mixed, cooked with?
          what can i do with it?

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            When it WAS produced, it was (as I said before) a slightly sweetened Oloroso, less sweet than either Bristol Milk or Bristol Cream Sherry. Generally it was served straight, though it could be served on the rocks. Some enterprising fellow may have used it in a cocktail recipe or two.

            Your bottle is rather old, and I personally would think it's no longer any good. That said, the only way to know is to open it and try some -- even if it's bad, it certainly isn't harmful to humans, and who knows? It might still be good.