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Nov 2, 2012 11:52 PM

STL 'Mmmarket Night' Experience?

Anybody done the 'market night' at St Lawrence?
It's on Nov 8th, and tickets are $50pp ($25 tax writeoff).
I am thinking about opting for this event instead of the wine and food expo (we always felt hungry and hungover with overpriced wine the next day).

I am looking at the website and am not sure how the setup is going to be. Is it just going to be vendors setting up tables at the south market? Is it one those where truckful of tourists are dropped off and get ripped off?

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  1. I haven't been before but I bought my ticket already. I am expecting a good night based on the charity the proceeds are for. I went to their fundraiser at the Ontario food terminal and it is awesome. Even if I don't get my "monies worth" in food it goes to a great cause. I know that SLM (typical abbreviation on here I think) does a customer appreciation event once a year which is suppose to be great so I am sure most vendors will put in effort to showcase their goods.

    I don't know if they updated their website but there are some additional details at this link that I didn't know before

    They are doing an Art Battle there as well, usually those events are $20 alone to get into (I am assuming it is the same group that normally does the Art Battle in Toronto.

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      Unless I'm a complete idiot, SLM did NOT do a customer appreciation event this year (it was always in April and I started checking the website in February for info).

      This event is one of the "upgrades" that I believe the new manager has brought to the market. Instead of doing a free event that everyone can attend, they're now doing an event that only people who can afford $50 a ticket can attend.

      While I appreciate this is now a charity event, I'm not attending.

      1. re: CarNut

        "Special guest star: David Adjey", Count me OUT! I would pay five bucks to be where he is't. O;ld hack.

        1. re: graydyn

          Thanks for that! I am even more excited now :)

        2. The event is sold out now.

          For anyone going tonight, just a heads up about the free parking in case you didn't read the link in this thread. It is in the Impark lot on the other side of Church.

          1. Just a follow up on the event last night. Overall I enjoyed myself and for the "value" of the $50 I felt that it was worth going (free parking, 2 free drink tickets but plenty of free alcohol samples, more food than you could possibly try, plus the Art Battle and live music).

            Some of the food wasn't super gourmet (most of the places weren't restaurants/chefs after all) and some were failures in my books (like, the duck meatballs weren't good, but, they duck breast was great for example). It was more about tasting the products of SLM... A few too many options that were served in bread (I felt bad about throwing out some of the bread but I didn't want to get full on bread).

            They could improve a few things if they do it again next year. Having a few more "bar" areas would probably be a priority (the line was crazy long for most of the night, I managed to get a drink near the end of the evening without wait). Another idea would be to actually put out some garbage cans (It felt like there were less garbage cans than normal, maybe they felt that bins would impede traffic flow so they removed them?). You ended up having to pile your garbage on tables and they were going around with serving trays clearing them but the volume of waste was so high that it didn't work that well. I was glad to see they didn't use disposable plates but there wasn't a rinsing station or anything so I used napkins to clear off my plate from time to time.

            I also had no idea that they had coat check until I went to use the washroom and saw it. I also didn't see if they had other washrooms set up (porta potties?) because normally there are not a lot of washrooms in SLM so don't know how they handled that.

            Overall, a well run event (except, for some reason the program was in the bag we got when leaving!)

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            1. re: ylsf

              Agree, it was great fun! Some of the highlights were:
              - Kangaroo Sliders
              -Bacon Sliders from Sausage Kings
              -Mussels from Buster's
              -Smoke Trout from Dominique's

              Agree about the too much carb on servings. I had to dump most of my bread components in order to 'keep going'. There was also a crazy 'restroom situation' for ladies.

              I hope that next year they could adopt some of Soup Stock's policies and encourage people to bring in their own utensils and napkins. Most stands didn't provide any plate, which was a problem for people like me who likes to dissect the food before eating it.

              I would definitely do this again next year!