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Nov 2, 2012 09:08 PM

west island fine dining? please help!

Please tell me this is not an oxymoron. recently moved out to the west island. Love the area but miss the restos of Montreal. Looking for a nice place to go for my birthday supper with my husband. Nice night out without baby but would rather stay somewhere in the west just in case babysitter has a meltdown. Was craving french but all the places we found looked very traditional and old school. Japanese seems interesting. Heard good things about Aikawa and one mention about Katoreya..... any thoughts on those? Also threw out the 40 west idea but since there are no prices listed am worried that its going to be soooooo expensive that we will feel like it still wasn't worth the price.... is it?
actually its weird but im craving somewhere with somesort of raw something. Beef tartare, sashimi anything raw i love.
Please help! Thanks!!!

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  1. I thought i'd throw in and mention that my visit to Maiko on des Source tonight was absolutely awful - so avoid.

    1. No clue about the raw stuff, but if you want to try something that is a departure from the usual Italian, French, Lebanese and Greek fare that dominates the West Island, you might want to try Aryana on Sources. They are one of only two Afghanistan cuisine restos in Montreal and Laval, and they are very good (see link below).

      If you want Italian, the West Island actually has a few very good fine dining restos in this category. One of my favs is Vivaldi on Gouin in Pierrefonds. You can't go wrong there.

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        Aryana! yeah someone had recently mentioned that i totally forgot about that option. I like trying different types of meals. I wonder if its similar to Syrian. We went to Damas on Parc ave last year and it was fantastic!

        Thanks for the suggestions.

      2. Towne Hall may fit your criteria; IIRC there were tartares on the menu.

        1. I went to Aikawa 2-3 times and it was good, but it's not my favorite. I remember their cones were good but i am not a fan of the colored rice paper instead of seaweed to wrap sushi. Still good though.

          In VSL my favorite sushi is at Japon, on Thimens and Marcel-Laurin. Their appetizers are incredible, so do treat yourself to one. Perhaps the beef sashimi or the cooked clams in spinach. crazy good. The sushi are also really good, well presented and a step up from other places.

          If you want to treak yourself, you could also go to 40 Westt steakhouse. It's definitely a special occasion type of place, considering the price tag, and it's quite good.

          I do not know of any great french restaurants in the west island.

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            La Maison Verte is decent but OP stated they didn't want, "very traditional and old school" which is pretty much what MV is.

            1. re: SourberryLily

              thanks for the input. My cousin went to Aikawa many years ago and said it was good then but i heard that the chef left and opened a new place.
              We were thinking of 40 west. I just hate to pay a big price tag and not get what we asked for. About a year ago we went to Toque (im sure im going to be blasted for saying this) but it was really not very good! Im totally serious. we had a tasting menu and it was all very sub par (we almost went to 5 guys afterwards!) but if the food is worth the price i am willing to pay for the experience.
              Thanks Again

            2. How about Carambola in Hudson. I've heard good things and the menu looks fun: