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Nov 2, 2012 08:14 PM

Oil less fried turkey vs. conventional fried turkey

Would someone share their experiences cooking a turkey in an oil-less fryer?
I would like ti fry a turkey for Thanks giving but am considering an oil-ess dried turkay.

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  1. I realize that it's a typo, but I think you inadvertently hit the nail on the head: oil-less dried turkey is pretty much what it would be.

    1. Isn't an appliance that cooks a turkey without oil called a roaster?
      The nature of frying literally is cooking by immersing in oil. Anything else is not frying, even if the bird is held vertically in a round black device that looks like a fryer.

      1. wouldn't that be roasting?

          1. re: chefj

            I suppose that you all are correct. If there is no oil it is not frying. Nonetheless, there are products on market called oil-less fryers:

            Anyone have experiences with these types of products, whatever we call them?

            1. re: Luke_Cage

              I never heard of it, but had a look at the site. The name "oil-less fryer" sounds dubious; I think they're trying to get the consumer to think you'd get similar results as deep frying the turkey.

              Its basically a propane heated box with an enclosed combustion chamber (thus "infrared"). I'm guessing the roaster, sorry, *oil-less fryer*, will certainly cook the bird, but the results will be closer to an oven than deep frying (just my conjecture).

          2. Thanks for turning me on to something I was unaware of. It seems the idea is sort of like those infrared/halogen room heaters that make you feel warm, but don't feel hot themselves. Don't the halogen ovens work this way? I would assume the gas version (what you'd probably use for turkeys) is somewhat similar.

            All the reviews seem to indicate that it makes a juicy bird. It would be cool to rent or borrow one first and do a chicken. I like the idea and would love to hear how it comes out.