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ISO Danish Caterer

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Can anyone recommend a caterer who would be able to do 70-80 Danish open face sandwiches (smorrebrod) for a Christmas party? It is my Danish Grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary and we'd love to treat them to a good Danish meal (we have the Akvavit already!).

I know that the state of Danish cuisine in Toronto is pretty abysmal but am hoping someone knows of a caterer who can do this.

We aren't terribly picky about the options but along the lines of:

Roast Beef
Shrimp & Egg


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  1. Have you inquired at the Danish Pastry Shop on Pape? Here is the link: http://danishpastry.ca/
    If anyone would know they would.

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      Good idea! I tried them and they recommended someone. Thanks!

    2. http://www.blogto.com/city/2012/08/a_...

      So Hansen;s and The Danish Pastry Shop, while bakeries, may be able to direct you?

      1. Any chance for DIY? I do this sort of thing at the holidays and source most everything thru Brandt, Starsky, IKEA, Dimp's, Costco. Even do DIY Akvavit after Aalborg all but disappeared.

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          We thought of that and have done it in the past but for 80 sandwiches, don't think it will be feasible. Also, just so you know, Aalborg has been back at the LCBO for a couple of years now! As well as cherry heering.

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            Only one type, though! I just snag a bottle of good Russian vodka and spice it to taste. Put one up this aft. for Xmas.

        2. I don't know if they cater, and it's possibly too far out of town for your purposes anyway, but Sunset Villa in Puslinch would have everything you need. It might be worth a phonecall at least to see if they can accommodate you with a delivery or pickup. You could order a la carte or go with a few party platters.




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            Thanks. I called them and they can definitely do it but we would have to pick them and as you said, it is quite far.

          2. 20 years ago Danish Style on Kingston Road did these on their own Danish rye (or white as appropriate). No idea if they still do them or the horns of plenty...

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              No longer in business, unfortunately.

            2. How about Hillside Cafe on Mt. Pleasant south of Eglinton? Granted they are Estonian/Finnish but are especially known for their sandwiches for the lunchtime crowd. They also carry a lot of yummy Scandinavian items; I particularly enjoy their smoked salmon. Drop by at lunch and try one of their sandwiches. If you describe what you want for your party I imagine they could easily adjust the menu.

              1. I am sure if you asked any decent caterer to prepare these they could. I mean, in the end, it's just a recipe.

                1. Have you tried contacting the Danish Church on Finch, just west of Yonge? I went to their rummage sale in the spring, and there was a long line to get in--I thought it was to get into the rummage sale, but it was actually a line to buy their sandwiches!! I'm sure they have some caterers they use for weddings, etc.


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                    That's a great idea. How were the sadnwiches?

                  2. So, in case anyone is interested, I contacted Hansen's and they led me to a caterer named John McCaughan Christensen. http://www.johnmccaughan.com/

                    I'll post back after the party (just before Christmas) and let you know how it was. Thanks for all of your suggestions.

                    I've got to say, though, it's about time someone opened a Danish restaurant in this city!

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                      Indeed! Maybe if Aamann's is successful in NYC, who knows?