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Nov 2, 2012 02:49 PM

Chinese Food Delivery - Yonge & Eglinton area

Hey kids!
My Mom lives near Yonge & Eg, and is despondent that China House is gone!
She's dying for those silky battered shrimp and various Canadian-Chinese classics like egg rolls, chicken balls, chop-suey, fried rice, etc..
So now that C-H is gone, where do the locals order delivery Chinese from?

(And please don't say Ces't Bon, because it's craaaaap, or if you're going to try to defend it, tell me the specific dishes they do acceptably, because the food was so bad when we went, we walked out.)

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  1. Ces't Bon does good fried pork dumplings, moo shu and crispy ginger beef IMHO. Maybe worth a revisit considering...

    1. Tasty Chinese Restaurant, on Eglinton - a block west of where China House use to be.

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        Tasty Chinese Restaurant has closed after many years in business :(

        1. re: magic

          Too bad. I never made it there. Looks like I should make an effort to visit the few remaining Chinese Canadian restaurants before they all have closed. Besides Sea Hi and House of Chan, are there any other time warp, old school Chinese restaurants (with table service) serving good egg rolls, chicken balls and Tai Dop Voy, south of the 401? Most of the places in last year's old school thread have closed!

          1. re: prima

            If there are any, I'd like to know myself.

            Very sad that it's a dying breed. Very sad indeed.

      2. Sea-hi on Bathurst just south of Wilson is also good for Canadian Chinese, their chicken balls are very good. Personally though I think Tasty Chinese is better. They are very different with Tasty leaning more Szechuan and Sea-Hi more neon red Canadian-Chinese classics

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          You might want to do a bit of research on Sea-Hi. Just a suggestion.

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            I just got a menu flyer for a new place I've never heard of: Spring China House. I'd like to to check it out.

            They deliver to the area.


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              Try Duckee on Eg West a few blocks west of Ave. A hidden gem. We're sticklers for good (to repeat, good) Chinese and north Toronto has been a wasteland in that regard for years. Was never a fan of China House because of the bad quality/price ratio. And C'est Bon is to Chinese what Satay on the Road is to Thai. However, we've met our Asian friends - serious sticklers - at Duckee several times and now we're fans, usually doing takeout or delivery 1x/wk. Their menu is a fusion of Chinese - including Sichuan and dim sum - and Thai dishes. Not sure a resto can survive these days in North TO with Chinese alone. They deliver, but if possible do takeout because then the veggies in the each dish will be really fresh. It's not Lai Wah Heen, but it's a good little neighbourhood gem.