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Nov 2, 2012 02:31 PM

SF hound looking for Atlanta restaurants in/near downtown?

Hello, I will be in downtown Atlanta for a conference in two weeks. After searching these boards, I know my downtown options are limited, but was hoping to get a few good suggestions for restaurants that are an easy cab/metro/walk away from downtown hotels. I will be staying at the Hilton Atlanta on Courtland St.. We will not have access to a car, and are not looking for super high end restaurants.

1) I'm looking for a group dinner location that is easy to get to, not too far away, not too pricey and has a fun atmosphere. We have one vegetarian in our group and one person who has to eat gluten-free (celiacs). Right now JCT Kitchen is top of the list, but any other is Desta Ethiopian, for example?
2) Dinner for me - I don't mind a bit more hassle to have a good meal. What should I not miss in Atlanta? Fox Bros BBQ or Community Q? How far away is Gu's Bistro? (...I do love some good szechuan food)
3) Dinner/Lunch - hassle free: anything decent close by that you can recommend? A slice of pizza perhaps, or a bowl of pho? Food carts? Downtown restaurants culled from boards: Gladys night's chicken and waffles, Juke Joint, lunch on Broad St...


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  1. Gu's. Is 30 minutes drive. I think its worth it. Fun place great food
    Der biergarten is a pretty good informal German place. If you're a pizza foodie try antico. Pizza
    Lure us new but very good. As is empire stat south. The top of your hotel gas Nikolais roof. Maybe too priceyu

    1. Sounds like you've already done your research. I'll keep my rec's to lunch, since I work downtown and know lunch best. Broad St. is the way to go: Dua for some great pho, or a slice of Rosa's pizza directly opposite (the line moves quickly - don't be put off by the cramped space). Also NannStop just opened right there - was a former CA food truck and just opened their first location here a month or so ago. Good, but a bit pricy for lunch on this strip. I'd also reccomend taking lunch over to the tables at Woodruff park and eating outside if it's nice enough. Most of these places close by 5:00, so don't head here for dinner.
      One dinner suggestion - don't miss Empire State South. I finally went there 2 weeks ago and haven't stopped thinking of the meal yet. Might be pricy for the group, but SOOO good. Also think about Lunacy Black Market for a solo dinner, but take a cab - it's a hike and not the best neighborhood.

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        Careful with Ethiopian. Injerra should be made with teff only, but I found out it's sometimes mixed with wheat (an unfortunate discovery for one of the dining partners). So if you consider that, a call ahead to verify ingredients may be a good idea,