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Nov 2, 2012 01:03 PM

Home cooked lunch near US 301 in Virginia?

Driving down to the Tidewater area on Sunday morning to help in the election. We'd like to stop for a fairly fast but nice lunch on US 301 in Virginia or Route 17. Not particular about ethnicity, just want some home cooked rather than chain food, open on a Sunday. Any ideas?

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  1. Perhaps Lowery's in Tappahanock.

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    1. re: Hal Laurent

      Hal, I ate there once and I think I ordered poorly. They had a rockfish special and it was kind of a glutinous mass. What are their better dishes? I have heard positive reviews about them but just as a good local place, not on what they actually do well. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
      Sheridan, I hope you are having a great roadtrip!

      1. re: Ziv

        Not a bad local lunch. the "seafood buffet' looked horrendous, with all seafood heavily breaded and overcooked leftovers, but my my rib eye tasted good

        1. re: Ziv

          Oysters are usually good at Lowery's. It's not the kind of place that tends to reward adventurous ordering, though. Best to stick to simpler things.

          1. re: Hal Laurent

            I hear you Hal, but what is simpler than the signature fish of the Chesapeake Bay? If Lowery's is going to blow their preparation of a striper, what

            Never mind. I will try the oysters the next time I am down that way.

            Why does it feel like the classic dishes of this area, jumbo blue crabs and rockfish and the steak and cheese sandwich, are getting harder and harder to find? I am beginning to think that the only way I will find a good rockfish is to prepare it myself or go to Black Salt. The problem with that is that I am not a great cook when it comes to seafood and I hate to cross the water into DC.