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Nov 2, 2012 12:50 PM

Napoli Kitchen - Oh, please go visit Sabatinos 3 miles down the road

I just moved with my wife and child from East Arlington to Arlington Heights, and frankly one thing I miss is Sabatino's - sure we have a few pizza places up here, but the ones that are walkable don't seem as consistently good nor do they have the pasta's (and rolls) we got from Sabatinos.

So my hope were raised when the depressing storefront that was I Chef was renovated into "Napoli Kitchen" and I grabbed my first takeout menu. It looks a LOT like Sabatino's menu - size, layout, and the available dishes. So maybe someone was going to copy their formula, which was fine by me..

Last night my wife and I decide to give it a try get the Venetian chicken pasta, which was decent, but missing in a few areas -
1) The sauce was more of a broth - it needed some more thickening and probably more butter..
2) The rolls - those delectable triangular rolls that we loved from Sab's - those came with dinner.. but they were not very fresh... please don't give me a 2 hour old roll.
3) More Chicken - my wife and I split the dish and neither of us ended up with a lot of chicken - maybe one more chicken finger would have been enough..

Any similar experiences from Arlingtonian Heightsians? They are new, so I trust they'll be a learning curve for food.. I hope they ride it up quickly. At least for the rolls - I might have to pick one up at Sab's, drive up the road, and hand it to them with the comment "Make it like this, please.."

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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood! And thanks for taking one for the team. Sadly, I have never found anything that remotely compares to Sabatino's at this end of town. Nicola Pizza has its adherents but I am not among them.

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      Well, there are other things that help make up for it - D'agostino's instead of that Keno-hole that is Daggs, Lakota Bakery, and a decent mix of ex-U.S. options - Thai, Mexican, Chinese.

      If only I could scoop up and transplant Little Q and the bar at Flora, along with Sabatino's, I'd be set..

      1. re: grant.cook

        Well, I would help with that scooping exercise!!

    2. I've had a few pizzas from Capri that were decent, but not comparable to Sabatino's at their best. Nice people at Nicola, too bad their pizza is meh.

      1. Short life.. saw a for lease sign in the window. Perhaps that comes from not being a strong contender when there are 2-4 other pizza/sub places just nearby. They usually had only one guy in the kitchen, so things just took forever.