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Nov 2, 2012 12:33 PM

Hunan Seafood Moves Down The Street--Or Does It?

As Clarissa Wei reported on this board a while back, Hunan Seafood lost its lease and was forced to find a new location. She followed up last month that the owners had messaged her that the new location was open. Consequently when I drove by what used to be Ruben's Kitchen, the Malaysian Cafe on the same block, and saw a new Hunan restaurant, I figured this was the replacement for Hunan Seafood. However, I was puzzled why the restaurant was called Hunan Mao, even though the menus did say Hunan Seafood. At first, I thought this may have been a new corollary to my article on why Chinese restaurants change names. However, afterwards I strolled the six doors down to the original Hunan Seafood location to find that they are still in operation, at least for now. So that explains the different name, since many small cities do not permit identically named businesses within their borders for public safety purposes. Now I'm wondering whether they're operating two locations on an interim basis (not the most efficient way to run a business) or whether something else is up. Hunan Mao is at 8728 Valley Bl.

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  1. I just thought that new restaurant was the continuation of the ongoing onslaught of mainland restaurants coming in.

    1. I went to the most recent location of Hunan Seafood - the one that opened after the fire at the original - on Valley nr, Walnut Grove, S. side of street.
      It was under new ownership though it still said Hunan Seafood in English on everything. It was quite mediocre...nothing like the past. Won't return.

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        Kind of strange that the old owners would permit that, unless they were paid for the right to use the name. But that wouldn't make sense if you reopened down the street.