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Nov 2, 2012 12:17 PM

Swing top bottles for decanting cider

I've been unsuccessfully searching for swing top bottles (500ml) for decanting some homemade cider. It seems as though I'll have to accept defeat unless someone here can provide some guidance. Also, perhaps it would help to have the french name for this dying breed of bottle.

If anyone has any input, it would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. Have you tried asking some of the home beer stores ?

    (my google-fu seems to be lacking this PM, sorry for no real help).

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Any ideas where those might be? Home beer stores are not easy to come by in Mtl.

    2. Use empty Grolsch bottles.

      1. Marco's Spruce Beer also uses them and is available in a bunch of places around town (there is $1 deposit on each bottle). You might also want to talk to the people at Paul's Patates in the Point, they make their own spruce beer and might be willing to share the name of their supplier with you. (And not only is their spruce beer delicious, but they make some of the best fries in town.)

        1. Have you tried any of the restaurant supply stores such as Mona? You might find some at Bacchus on Bernard in Outremont. Also, this month a beer and wine supply store is opening beside Van Horne pizza.

          1. i too am looking for the flip top bottles. did you have any luck?

            Did get 750 ml size at provigo via the presidents choice bubbly lemonade, but its not cheap, at 5-6$ per bottle.

            I would prefer more of a single serve rather an 500 ml.

            Would be up to buying the grolsch, but havent found anywhere that sells grolsch in the flip top bottles.

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            1. re: heliotrope

              I got a 4-pack of Grolsch bottles recently, at the dep near the SW corner of St. Urbain & St. Viateur. Using them for oils & vinegars.

              The beer was $10 for 4x 473 ml. bottles.