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Nov 2, 2012 11:26 AM

Fremont Diner open for dinner [Sonoma]

Review in the Chron today says Fremont Diner is serving dinner Thursday through Sunday. Happy hour 3-6, dinner 5-9. Thurs.-Sat. barbecue, on Sun. fried chicken. Web site has not been updated to reflect the new hours.

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  1. I posted a peeved WTF post about this place awhile back. I must retract it. I went there the other day and everything was flawless despite a big crowd.

    Now Bauer has reviewed it so give it a few weeks to cool off. But it rocks seriously.

    1. That is GREAT news!!! We'll be spending our fourth consecutive Christmas in Sonoma this year and will definitely check it out. Thanks for posting this.