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Breakfast and luncheon post-Sandy

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My family is picking up my cousin at EWR airport tomorrow and bringing her to town. Sandy has forcibly reminded me how Downtown-centric my Manhattan is. Does anyone have any good recommendations for breakfast and lunch in Midtown or the illuminated zones of Downtown? Something relatively relaxing might be preferable, given that my cousin will have just disembarked from a plane, and things are mad enough in New York.

Currently I'm thinking of booking The Breslin for breakfast and The NoMad or Má Pêche for lunch... But I'm open to ideas. [I hear the Ace Hotel is mobbed...]

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  1. I just remembered the Breslin doesn't accept reservations.

    Also: we'd prefer separate breakfast and lunch, not brunch, as we'll need something round 8.30 or so after my cousin disembarks.

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      For lunch try Un, Deux, Trois