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Nov 2, 2012 09:45 AM

Breakfast in Cork, Dinner in Dublin

Looking for recommendations for a good breakfast in Cork, and a dinner Sunday night in Dublin.

In Dublin we have already eaten at Parnell's, and wanted to go to the Pigs Ear but they are closed on Sundays. Looking for something non-seafood focused and with vegetarian options, under 50 euro per person.


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  1. I went on a PR trip to Dublin earlier this year. Our favourite of the three places we were taken to (chosen to show off local produce) was the Ely Gastro Pub. The same owners also run a brasserie and a wine bar, also called Ely.

    L Mulligan Grocer was reasonably good for food (most dishes good, some not as great) but poor on service, both in terms of accuracy of order and timeliness, though service was friendly.

    And The Dublin Wine Rooms were interesting. In the bar they have this Enomatic serving system which allows tastings of lots of different wines for reasonable price. Food was pretty good with the exception of dessert, which wasn't.

    1. The Cork breakfast could be worse than the Farmgate Cafe at the English Market (assuming you don't want it on a Sunday, when the market's closed)

      1. The Farmgate in the English Market or Nash 19, both for breakfast in Cork.

        In Dublin, If you're looking for modern Irish (which your desire for the Pigs Ear suggests) then go for the Winding Stair, good food and great location on the river.

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          x1 for Nash 19 in Cork although the Farmgate is a nicer place to eat in if the market is open.

          If it's a late breakfast I'd also recommend washing it down with a pint in the Mutton Lane Inn which is a lane running into the market.The very best boozer in Cork.

        2. Cork : Liberty Grill on Washington St, near the courthouse, worth looking into for breakfast.