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Nov 2, 2012 08:44 AM

Oaxaca on Christmas Day - Restaurant Recommendations

Hi - I will be in Oaxaca on Christmas Day and am looking for recommendations for places that will be open and are delicious. Recommendations on what to do that day would be great too! We arrive the morning of Dec 24 and will be there through the 27th.

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  1. Also - it doesn't have to be a restaurant - will markets/food stalls be open? Thanks!

    1. Christmas is a very quiet day here. Most of the people have stayed up all night going to mass and having late tamales with their families. Too bad you didn't come in by the 23rd to see the wonderful radishes carved and on display.
      The restaurants in the zocolo will be open - by favorite being Terra Nova. I strongly doubt that the markets will be open. There may be smaller comedors open but I wouldn't count on it. More street stands will open as the day goes on. If any stands are going to be open the best bet will be across the street from the first class bus station - my favorite being the one to the far west - for great tacos, tortas, and pozole.

      1. I have found Christmas Day in Oaxaca to be a great day to watch families in the Zocalo or in Llano. Restaurants are open because there are tourists who need to eat.

        If you want to get out to the country, try La Capilla in Zaachila. They are open on Christmas Day. The food is great. Those giant tortillas are special. The setting is beautiful.

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          I would strongly disagree with the last post. La Capilla is a large "tourist trap" that charges double for inferior food. The tortillas are good, the setting is outdoors but not really comfortable for long.

        2. I was in Oaxaca last winter for 2 months. Loved it. My most favorite place for lunch or evening was El Quinque. Along with the fabulous food, all the staff was so warm and friendly. I will never forget the Dorado filet I had there one night, flown in from the Oaxacan coast.
          For breakfast, Café Brujala - lovely scene, excellent, thick cut toast, smoothies, everything. Best Sopa Azteca, was at La Biznaga. Best Molé Colorado - La Olla. But really? no need to worry. It is very difficult to have a bad meal in Oaxaca. We actually avoided restaurants at the Zocalo. It seemed a bit touristy to me. But the one or two meals that we had there were fine. Just not outstanding.

          1. I'd go to the Camino Real Hotel, it's beautiful and should be open on Christmas, being as how it's a hotel.