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Nov 2, 2012 06:24 AM

Lunch in Dundas, Ontario?

I'm going to the Hamilton Potter's Guild show tomorrow in Dundas, Ontario and would like recommendations for where to have lunch in the area. Since I will be driving from Toronto, restaurants don't need to be in Dundas, but on the way between TO and Dundas.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, in advance!

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  1. Quatrefoil in downtown Dundas is likely one of Canada's best small town restaurants with exceptional cuisine, superior service, and carefully matched wines. It's just north of King West at 18 Syndenham Road.

    If you have an interest in pottery you probably already know of Don Zver's Pottery in Troy, about 15 minutes drive west of Dundas along Highway 5, aka Dundas Road. He has a charming café attached that has competent cooking and service using many locally source products. Of course, the servicewares are all his products. Weekend evenings he features three-course $39 prime rib dinners for two and $10 off all bottles of wine, an exceptional value.

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      Thanks for the suggestions. As it turns out, we ended up going after lunch, but I appreciate your information nonetheless. I had heard about Don Zver's Pottery, but we didn't have a chance to go this time.

    2. Quatrefoil is a great choice for fine dining. They have a lovely prix fixe lunch menu as well as a la carte. I've never been disappointed in a meal there.
      For something a little more casual, I highly recommend Detour Cafe - the puy lentil salad and smoked meat sandwich are favourites of mine.
      Both restaurants are within a city block of each other on the "main drag" in Dundas, so you can wander around & compare.
      Bring an insulated bag & cooler pack, and stop at Mickey McGuire's for some fantastic cheese!
      Enjoy your day!

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        Thank you for posting. I had heard of Detour Cafe from a friend and will be sure to try it the next time. The pottery show was quite impressive in quality and diversity, and we enjoyed it very much (and bought a couple of items each).