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Nov 2, 2012 05:56 AM

Thanksgiving Dinner

Does anyone know of or can recommend a good place where a few of us can go for Thanksgiving and not have to eat turkey. I'd like to have the option of either ordering thanksgiving dinner or ordering form the regular menu as we have a few non-turkey eaters in our group. Would love to try and keep it in the Ft. Lauderdale area. Was hoping that Market 17 would serve my purpose but they will not be open so you can get an idea of what level of restaurant I am looking for.

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  1. Cafe Maxx in Pompano will be open. I don't know if they will be serving a traditional Thanksgiving day menu in addition to their regular menu, so you might want to give them a call to inquire.

    1. I heard the Dutch in south beach is doing thanksgiving. You can ask if they are serving their regular menu as well -- not sure.

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        Dutch is doing a Thanksgiving menu with turducken, root beer sweet potatoes, confit turkey leg stuffing, spiced cranberries and green bean casserole, for $55 pp. Doesn't sound like they're offering the full menu.

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          I'm going there today. I will ask.

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            The Dutch is offering the full menu as well as the thanksgiving menu. They will serve dinner until 9pm. I asked the manager.

        2. Ruth's Chris has a thanksgiving menu ( also regular) menu. We took our parents there a couple of years back and it was good. They also gave you extra food to take home because thanksgiving is about leftovers. That was a cute idea. Parents really enjoyed it.

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            Thanks for all the great suggestions. Will let you know what we end up with!

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              one more: Mason Jar in Fort Lauderdale seems to be doing a Thanksgiving feast. It's no Market 17, but it is upscale comfort food.

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