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Savory recipes using pumpkin puree

I have finished cooking down our Halloween decorations...now I have GALLONS of pumpkin puree. I have a few excellent sweet recipes (cookies/muffins/pies/cheesecakes) and some great yeast bread recipes as well. I would love to use the rest of it in savory type dishes, just not soup. I would love some fresh ideas, I am currently cooking mostly with whole, natural ingredients, but I am pretty good at adapting recipes too.

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  1. Pumpkin is really good in curry. Though this is generally fresh, not canned, and not pureed, I bet you could make a nice curry sauce.

    I recently made a martha Stewart butternut squash and pasta casserole , mac and cheeseish, which I thought at the time would work nicely with pumpkin. It was REALLY good.

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      The Martha recipe is delicious! I should really add it to the menu for next week.

      Canned pumpkin is also good stirred into beef chili, added to sweet potato/black bean stew, or stirred into cheese sauce for Mac and cheese. Can be mixed with ricotta, mozzarella, goat cheese and use to stuff pasta. I remember seeing a pumpkin fettuccine Alfredo recipe somewhere...,

      Freeze some of it in 1/2 cp portions to save

    2. I found a recipe for a pumpkin dip with goat cheese that sounds amazing - here is the link http://www.runningtothekitchen.com/20... I think a savory pie would be delicious using something like this as the filling, too.

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        I think that sounds really deligious eepi, thanks.

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          Someone let me know when you make this.....it sounds INCREDIBLE!

        2. As much as I despise Rachael Ray, I have to admit this Pumpkin-Peanut Butter Curry was pretty good. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ra...

          I thought it made way more sauce than necessary for one pound of noodles, but my husband liked it as written. BTW, I find that pumpkin puree can be a nice addition to any tomato-based sauce, especially if you like a little sweetness. You can also sub it for roasted red pepper puree in things like romesco sauce.

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            I was just going to post this recipe - my family loves it and I make it every Halloween. I always have lots of noodles leftover because it's a very hearty dish. The sauce gets thick and sticky very quickly so thin it out with a lot of pasta water.

          2. I like to add pumpkin puree to my mashed potatoes. It adds moisture and makes them better for my waistline.

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              Love that idea! For many years now, I have mixed cauliflower puree with lots of garlic, into my mashed potatoes but pumpkin would be great too. Thanks for the idea.

            2. Pumpkin kibbeh stuffed with chard. The spices are similar to what you'd expect in a sweet pumpkin pie, but the end result is something entirely savory.

              1. Stir some into risotto with a little nutmeg and allspice.

                1. This is easy peasy once you've wrassled the chard into submission.


                  1. I make a pasta sauce with roasted poblanos

                    1. I used to use finely diced pumpkin or sometimes pureed pumpkin mixed with minced beef, lots of garlic and lots of onion and lots of green onion and serve it over rice. Tastes wonderful, especially served with hot sauce.

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                        That sounds delicious, I am going to make that for dinner tonight!

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                          That's what I do to. I have a couple of dozen small Zip lock bags in the freezer with pumpkin/carrot/onion puree waiting to be used in all sorts of savory dishes. It's one of my 'mother sauces'.

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                            This was the simplest, most satisfying dinner I've had in weeks. Thank you, I added some mushrooms that needed to be used up and sriracha, of course.

                        2. chili! skinnytaste.com has an awesome white bean turkey pumpkin chili made in the slow cooker.

                          1. Add some salt, sage, flour and an egg and make up some beautiful gnocchi with a simple brown butter sauce!

                            1. I can also vouch for pumpkin chili. It adds sweetness and creaminess instead of a pumpkin flavour.