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Kitchen Aid Artisan vs Cuisinart 14 cup Food Processor

Chow1313 Nov 2, 2012 01:00 AM

I need some advice....I am trying to decide if I should invest in ONLY one of the above.....so I'd like some feedback as to which one ( or combination) would be the most effective and efficient for me. I am single - so I'm not cooking for a family - but I love to cook and eat healthily. Or should I go all out and eventually purchase both.

Would having a Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer and a Mandoline be a better combination for all-around usage?

Or would the combination of the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and Cuisinart Food Processor be a better overall combination.

I know they each have their own strengths - but I would like to be able to make breads/pizza doughs/muffins/cakes/pastries - and still be able to make sauces/gravies/mashed veggies and do slicing/shredding of veggies.

  1. f
    ferret Nov 2, 2012 09:38 AM

    I have had the Cuisinart for a couple of years and I am very happy with it but if I were cooking only for myself -- it's definitely overkill.

    1. Lotsofscots Nov 2, 2012 04:27 PM

      I have both machines. I use the Kitchen Aid for most cookie doughs, all bread doughs, for whipping egg whites and cream, and for mixing meat for meatballs or meatloaf. I use the Cuisinart for making pie crust, cutting butter into flour for scones or biscuits, a couple of cookie recipes, and of course, for shredding and slicing. A Cuisinart doesn't puree very well, so I recently purchased a Vitamix that does puree extremely well, it also chops more uniformly than the Cuisinart.
      I would suggest that you start with the Kitchen Aid - it's a real workhorse, and add the Cuisinart later as it is another versatile workhorse. My Cuisinart came from a fundraiser sale, $40 in a factory sealed box. It was someone's kitchen gift that had never been used. Things like that are out there if you take the opportunity to look!

      1. k
        Kelli2006 Nov 2, 2012 11:27 PM

        If you choose to get the 14 cup Cuisinart then I'd also get a Kitchen Aid hand mixer because there are times when a food processor can't do the job.

        It all depends on what you do the most because a food processor isn't a replacement for a stand mixer, and a mandoline isn't a replacement for a food processor.

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