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Nov 2, 2012 12:57 AM

Kuala Lumpur – Hakata Ramen from Yamagoya

Yamagoya Ramen is one of the more “authentic” ramen spots in Kuala Lumpur – specializing in Hakata ramen”: thin noodles in “tonkotsu “ or pork-bone broth, from Kyushu.

We had 2 versions over lunch today:
- Mukashi Special Ramen (Yamagoya Ramen’s signature bowl) which is garnished with “cha-shu” (sliced pork), bamboo shoots, seaweed, beansprouts, finely-chopped scallions and a stewed egg with just-cooked centre. The pork broth was intensely flavoured, the noodles thin & supple. The egg, unfortunately, was just a tad over-cooked.
- Spicy Tobanjan Ramen which came with a dollop of spicy, salty chili bean paste (“tobanjan”) on the side.
- Gyoza pork dumplings – very light and juicy. Definitely one of the better ones in KL – where it’s also rare to find pork in Japanese restaurants, let alone pork gyoza.
- Tonkatsu - pan-fried battered pork fillet. Unfortunately, I didn’t like Yamagoya’s rendition at all – it was overly-dry and basically looked over-fried. Avoid!

I’ll come back here if I hanker for good Japanese ramen – probably one of the top two ramen spots in KL at the moment, the other one is Santouka Ramen at the Pavilion – also non-halal, but Hokkaido-style, with its miso broth, and butter-and-corn topping.

Address details
Yamagoya Ramen
C-8-G, Block C, Setiawalk
Persiaran Wawasan
47160 Puchong
Tel: +6016-291 7775 /+6012-306 7552

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  1. Interesting, the ramen bowls look nice. You're picky about your eggs. :-)

    Wouldn't the outlet at Solaris Dutamas be closer to you in Bangsar if you want more ramen?

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    1. re: huiray

      Setiawalk is a new, up-and-coming dining and drinking spot in KL, so we were checking that place out. Not as if Solaris Dutamas is *that* old ;-)

      1. re: klyeoh

        Looks like a pleasant place. Heh, I think a large part of the operating budget will be the maintenance of that large area of open (shallow?) pools - algae, crap going into it, crap forming in it, fending off complaints from folks falling into it or from them about their kids falling into it, hopefully no lawsuits due to someone or some kid drowning in it, etc etc. :-) (OK, OK, this is a little Chicken Little-ish :-D ) Any fish in the pools?

        1. re: huiray

          No fish in the pools, but with at least 5 or 6 large pubs and bars around the waters, falling (drunken) bodies into the pools is going to be a *pretty* frequent affair in future, I can imagine :-D