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Best places for non-authentic / "American" sushi?

Most discussion of "Best Sushi" focuses on the places that stay fairly close to traditional sushi.

I've got some Japanese guests, and I'm looking for a restaurant where they can get some good examples of how sushi has been re-interpreted in America. (e.g. using mayo, avocado, spicy tuna, bacon?, etc.)

So what would be the "Best Americanized Sushi" places? We're in Pasadena, but happy to travel.

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      1. Hamasaku in West LA

        1. Sushi Enya in Little Tokyo.

          1. Go to a Chinese buffet. While you're there, get some raw oysters too.

            1. it occurs to me that any place that advertises itself as being "fusion" probably fits the bill as they will be geared towards not offending a typical western palate in the rolls that they make. fushion sushi 313 in glendora might probably do the trick: http://glendora.patch.com/articles/th...

              1. Zip Fusion Sushi downtown

                1. I'd personally go for:

                  Mon Roll - Thai owned sushi place in santa monica. Their rolls are pretty creative, though on the heavy side (many items are sauce/topping heavy). It's also right off 3rd street promenade and not too far away from the pier so you can take them to see what that's like.

                  Kabuki - Very standardized americanized sushi. Hey, it hits the spot when I'm looking for americanized sushi. Appears to be korean owned or run.

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                    respectfully disagree with the Kabuki recommendation if you are talking about the place in the Howard Hughes Promenade.

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                      it's oks

                      I guess i should have put the pasadena location (they have two). OP was looking for americanized sushi and kabuki is the first place i thought of.

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                        it's americanized, but not very good and VERY inconsistent.

                        Hamasaku, imho, very Americanized and serves better quality fish:
                        also, more costly

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                          definitely inconsistent. I guess i'm just reminiscing my college days where i'd be able to catch the happy hour 1/2 priced sushi there that tasted good back then :*)

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                          Matsuhisa, Nobu, Asanebo, Wa, Toranoko

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                            Is Sushi Wa still in business?

                      1. would agree with katsuya....trendy decor, the patrons and whole vibes fits the bill.....

                        1. There are many eateries of all qualities in the L.A. sushi spectrum, with polar extremes being edomae (traditional Edo-style sushi) on one end, and the ubiquitous dynamite roll on the other end.

                          Somewhere in the middle, though a bit closer to the traditional end (but not to the point of purism) lies an excellent sushi-ya called Kiriko in West L.A. At Kiriko, itamae Ken-san and his team of shokunin offer creative uses of fusion cuisine and unorthodox fish, such as combining mango, smoked wild salmon & caviar, in creating new flavors and experiences.

                          Of all the places mentioned, I believe Kiriko will probably help your Japanese guests enjoy "American" sushi without suffering for quality in freshness and creativity.

                          Kiriko is in the Olympic Collection, just north of the corner of Sawtelle & Olympic in West L.A. Enjoy!