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Nov 1, 2012 08:44 PM

Take-out and kid-friendly farm-to-table in Louisville

Hi chowhounds-

My wife, 2-month-old daughter, and I are meeting family at the livestock exposition in Louisville next week. We're staying near the exposition center but will have a car.

Our tastes are for fresh, local food. We love a good taqueria, asian, etc. Pretty omnivorous, in general. Because of the kid and the livestock, we're looking for something relatively casual (or particularly laid back nicer places at off hours?).

We're looking for all meals, but particularly early morning breakfasts and early dinners.

We're also looking for quick foods that we could get take-out (sandwiches, pizza, burritos, chinese, etc.) that could be brought to us if we can caught working at the expo. We'd also want these to be super and we're willing to run around a bit for better food.

Among the places I've seen in other threads that look good and would love thoughts on:
Garage Bar
Doc Crows
Toast on Market
Jack Fry's
Clifton's Pizza
Hillbilly Tea

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  1. I'm a visitor from out of town, so I don't have comprehensive knowledge the way locals do. And, in particular, I've never done carry-out in Louisville so I can't help you on that count. Where I *can* help you is with two of the places you mention, since I went to both this week.

    I absolutely LOVED Jack Fry's; see my review at It has some of the very best food in town. It may or may not meet your definition of "kid friendly"; it's somewhat casual, in a lively bistro/steakhouse setting. A well-behaved child or infant won't be a problem here (or anywhere IMHO), but it's not a place for ill-behaved children. I don't know about carry-out. To eat in, make reservations in advance, as they do fill up.

    I wasn't all that crazy about Toast on Market; a few things were very good, others... weren't. I posted about it at It's super-casual so kids won't be a problem at all. When I was researching breakfast places in town, two other recommended choices that popped up were Lynn's Paradise Cafe, and Wild Eggs. Lynn's is near downtown, not that far from the Louisville location of Toast on Market. Wild Eggs has three locations, all of which are on the east side of town.