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Nov 1, 2012 08:42 PM

Biscuit Bender in the Ferry Building, SF - who's tried them?

I noticed there's a new stand Biscuit Bender in the Ferry Building, SF. Who's tried them?

Biscuit Bender
1 Ferry Building, SF
Website w/ menu:

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  1. Nice to see he's finally got a permanent stand. He's previously had a stand in front of Far West Fungi and at the Underground Market. I've also spotted them at American Eatery and Mission Cheese.

    1. Tried one of these on my way out the door. They had a mix of savory and sweet biscuits. I got a strawberry thumbprint biscuit, very pretty tall biscuit with an impression at the top filled with a generous tablespoon of not-too-sweet strawberry jam. The flavor of the crumb was more shortbread-like than I expected. Nice texture, tender interior, though it didn't seem as if the flour had been sifted, because I bit into some sections with a pronounced baking powder flavor and others without it. I'm generally more interested in savories, so look forward to trying those next time. $3.