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Nov 1, 2012 07:57 PM

Outstanding in Acton

While preparing for our trip to Mass., I noted the lack of enthusiasm for dining in the Concord area. With that in mind, I was concerned when we decided to try Sprigs this evening. We were amazed. My wife's description was "flawless execution without pretention". The meal compared favorably with a visit to Primo in Maine last summer. We were impressed from the outset, as 4 different staff members welcomed us as we waited for our table to be prepared (we hadn't made reservations), I was reminded of the welcome we received at Commanders Palace in New Orleans. Our waitress Kate maintained the standard as we pestered her with questions throughout the meal, and she remained the consumate professional, knowledgeable, attentive and good spirited The charcuterie platter consisted of cured lomo, duck confit, lamb pate and braised pork belly--all made in house, and impeccably good. My entree of duck breast and sweet potato gnocchi was prepared perfectly, almost melt in the mouth, as just enough fat remained after roasting to make the meat lusciously tender. My wife had the special of the evening, rabbit wrapped in prosciutto with a pear glaze. The meat was much lighter than expected, and the flavors melded magically. The molten chocolate tarte with house-made ice cream, almond tuille and hazlenut brittle was delicious and beautifully presented. The sum of the courses and service amounted to an outstanding meal in a lovely, comfortable setting. The entree prices were at least $10 less than one would expect to pay in any metro market, so value accompanied the quality. Outstanding service, food made with obvious passion, simply an outstanding dining experience. We couldn't have asked to a better meal in any way. I think that the Concord area should embrace Sprigs as a remarkable restaurant with outstanding value, without a drive into Boston.

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  1. That's quite the rave. Thank you for the report. We recently moved from the city and are now pretty close to Sprig's; this bumps it up the depth chart for sure. There's no Acton/Concord "fine" dining place I'd rather try.

    1. Thank you rneeno - I am intrigued to try this place too now. There's a dearth of restaurant here, and now Springs is on my list.

      1. We tried Sprigs I think in June. We thought it was ok, fine, but really didn't do enough for us that we have a desire to go back. Maybe it has changed since then. I definitely didn't think it was in the same league as Primo.

        1. Well this is news. I haven't gone because of the so-so reports I've heard in the past, but I'm putting it back on my radar now.