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In search of authentic pierogi recipe

Hi all. I've done a little research and found that authentic pierogi dough contains no eggs, but I'm trying to find a recipe that is tried and true (message board, forum, Pinterest, etc.) with no luck. I've never made them myself, but consider myself a true Polock so I want to do them right :) Can anyone help?


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  1. This site describes the method my Polish born late mother-in-law showed me.

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        OP says " ... but consider myself a true Polock ..." so I guess it's the Polish version.

      2. I assume you're looking for a "tried and true" dough recipe, rather than recipes that include fillings. That's probably your best bet because you can fill them (even Polish Pierogi) with just about anything.
        I'm no expert at Pierogi dough but this folks apparently are:

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          that's exactly what i posted above!

        2. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B-7u...

          The internet is a terrible copy and paste machine, so you will probably see the same thing again and again, but you won't see these ones. unless I posted it somewhere else. I might have a recipe without eggs or sour cream, but it isn't scanned. This toughness issue the tasting poland link says sounds like bull to me, the sour cream or eggs makes the dough soft, same as the oil does for that recipe. Other than recipes for strict fasting, I don't think I've seen ones without eggs. I think this authentic pierogi dough stuff is kind of nonsense to begin with, eastern/central european cooking isn't really codified.

          Here is one with potatoes to soften the dough: http://www.slovakcooking.com/2010/rec...

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            My mother in law made really good ones that way, so it is good enough for me.

            1. Just wondering, are frozen pierogies sold all over the US? Here in Chicago pierogies are wall-to-wall but as we have more Polish people than any city but Warsaw, that could explain our pierogi density. Because, if you have them in the freezer case, you can make instant chicken and dumplings but putting frozen pierogies in a deep baking dish with chunks of boneless skinless chicken, filling the dish to the top with chicken stock (from a box is OK since this is an instant recipe), tightly covering the dish with foil, and baking it at 350* for an hour and a half.

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                Martha Stewart taped an episode with her mother and they made Pierogies...I bet you can find it on u tube or maybe the recipe is in Martha Stewart archives....If you like pierogies you should also experimet with all of the dumplings in a good oriental store...My favorite store has an entire 4 door case FULL of different types of filled dough dumplings...

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                  They are quite available here in Western MA, both fresh and frozen, but we have a large population of Polish heritage.
                  There is a church fair near me where they make fabulous pierogis and it is VERY popular.

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                    In north Texas, we have ONE that is sold commercially that is frozen. I wish we had more variety and I will be making a homemade one in the very near future.

                  2. Thanks everyone. For those who've posted re buying them, I appreciate your reply but want to make them myself... For those of you that replied with true advice, I will certainly check them all out!!! Thanks again :)

                    1. hi. i have the recipe if you want to make them yourself. no im not polish, but i grew up around polish & they used to make them certain days of the week when i was a kid & when u saw the light on, u knew not to bother them they were cooking lol also, i dont know if u r familiar with the east india mall in salem but they sell them fresh & frozen. supposedly homemade & theyre better than most, but the frozen have a bit of sugar or something in them cuz they have a sweet taste to them. I'm a true pierogi freak lol my son & i do a double batch usually so it takes us about 4 hours thats from doing your own dough ( not store bought) i usually just make the cheese ones thats the one we love here, but u can use your own fillers, but i read below about sour cream or no eggs?? please if u want the right recipe & i hope u even read this since i just noticed the date i guarantee if u listen to the recipe i give u, you will get a good workout on your arms lol & you will make sone darn good pierogi's. I'll be waiting to hear from you then i'll give u the recipe.. Margie

                      1. It took us a year of research to perfect our pierogi dough we sell in stores, but in Poland, they make it with eggs and without eggs. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but both are actually "authentic." Using eggs makes the dough a bit easier to handle when shaping the pierogi.

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                          This thread is the first time in my life I have ever heard of not using eggs in the pierogi dough. My grandmother made them using eggs for over 60 years. She learned how to make them in the old country.

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                            Hi John,
                            My husband was born and raised in Poland, only here for a few years. His family made pierogi with eggs and without eggs actually. Every Christmas the pierogi are ALWAYS made without eggs because the food must be vegan on Christmas eve. They call this Christmas pierogi dough.

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                              Vegan? I never heard of that. Vegetarian, yes, in that there was no meat. But we always had fish and I know we used butter and whatnot.

                              I've also never heard of Christmas pierogi dough! Of course, Poland is a big country and perhaps things are different from border to border, or city vs. country...

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                                Yeah, every family is different. They would have butter on Christmas day, but not Christmas eve. Perhaps they were very traditional. What is strange is that is was pretty much vegan with the exception of fish. But, no dairy, eggs, or meat allowed on Christmas eve, hence why the pierogi dough had no butter or eggs.

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                                  And when I think back to a crab stuffed sole dish my brother in law made a few years ago...

                                  Man, there was enough cream and butter in that to drown a man. Yum!

                                  And, as far as I can remember, there were no conditions or traditions associated with Christmas Day at all. Christmas Eve was the big deal, down to present opening. Christmas Day was meh!

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                                    I do know that on Christmas Day, yes, it was cream and butter galore! Crab stuffed sole sounds delicious...

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                                      Oh, that was our Wygilia! (spelling??) :-)

                        2. Reading this thread makes me want to go on a pierogi kick. Being Lithuanian I miss my grandmas. When I visit S.F I'll buy the frozen ones . As I remember it tasted like dough she made, seems to be made of potato. Do you know the recipe for that simple meat filling ?

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                            Sounds good. I'm looking for the simple traditional filling. Ground pork ?

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                              I think the best is to mix pork with beef. It gives more flavor.

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                                Here's the thing with pretty much every single meat filled pirog I've ever had, so we're talking (not counting my non solid food days) we're talking 40 years of pierogi eating.

                                The meat never goes in raw. I've never seen it go in raw. Never. Not to say that it hasn't happened or doesn't happen. But I've never seen it. I've only ever seen meats that have been boiled or roasted, and then ground after they're cooked with onion and seasoning. Vegeta, for sure. Salt, pepper. Pretty basic.

                                My mom's basic filling was beef, pork, onion.

                                These days I'm not as crazy about the meat filled and prefer mushroom/kraut or potato/onion. Potato/onion is hard to find; it's usually potato/cheese.

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                                  Sounds about right! I would avoid that Vegeta stuff though, unless you like lots of MSG. We try to keep the ingredients clean.

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                                My mom thought I was crazy when I made sweet potato pierogi. But they were delicious!

                                1. re: Violatp

                                  YUM!! I love that flavor! We have had requests for that, just haven't had time to make it yet. Maybe one day!

                                  1. re: PolskaFoods

                                    They were my Thanksgiving pierogi! Fantastic.

                                    1. re: Violatp

                                      Tomek made me pumpkin pierogi for Thanksgiving...Really good! Hey, kind of fun to think that winter is coming....