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Nov 1, 2012 04:34 PM

"Fun" restaurants for little kids

I've got my grandson - 5 yrs. - for a PD day next week and want to take him for lunch. I'm thinking Old Spaghetti Factory....return with me to the 1970s!!....but will appreciate any other locales that might pleae the little guy.

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  1. Our kids love Yamato, a teppanyaki restaurant in Yorkville. You sit in front of the grill and the entertaining chefs put on a show while they prepare your food, creating an onion "volcano", spinning eggs and flipping shrimp tails into their chef's hats. They have all kinds of meat, shrimp, veggie options, rice, sushi, etc., so lots to choose from. They have a kids' meal option, which is a half-portion with ice cream and soup - or you can split an order with your grandson, and maybe have some sushi or tempura to start. Food is good and it's definitely fun.

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