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Nov 1, 2012 04:32 PM

Looking for a calvados or cider stop on the drive from Paris to Bayeux

Hoping to get some help. We are going to be driving from Paris to Bayeux on Friday November 16th. We were hoping to stop at either a calvados distillery or cider producer that is not too far off the track from Paris to Bayeux (purely due to lack of time)

Or any other great culinary stops along the way!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Well, a while back Colette and i drove around Normandy and went to the Busnel place which was nothing like the chateaux in Napa or Sonoma - indeed I had to roust the producer out of the barn, but it's good stuff -

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      great thank you for the information! Would rather have it that way rather then dealing with the fancy mess Napa has become :) the Calvados Book is a great link. Would really to like hear some more personal experiences as well

    2. I know and love the Domaine Dupont in the Pays d'Auge. But having just read your Napa remark, I'm now kinda hesitant in recommending it.... as cidreries go, it's kinda fancy but far from messy. ... website says its 13 km from the 29a exit on the autoroute

      there's a very famous "route du cidre" just southwest of Pont-l'Evêque with a circuit of visitor-friendly producers...

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        Thank you so much for the recommendation. The “fancy mess” comment was kind of an off the cuff remark which I probably should have kept to myself since Napa doesn’t have anything to do with this post or board :)
        Domaine Dupont looks beautiful and their website has a bunch of great info about the route du cidre. I do appreciate the recommendation and trust me… we have noooo problem spending time at a beautiful well maintained family estate!

        1. re: Luke_S

          I would like to second the recommendation of Domaine Dupont. I've been there twice and thoroughly enjoyed the visits. In addition, we bought several bottles which they very efficiently shipped to us in Florida.

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            No prob... mine was a teasing throwaway remark too :) ... i wanted to underline the point that Domaine Dupont was not just another rustic cidrerie

            btw, when you are going off piste in France, you have to be very careful not to miss the autoroute off-ramp... for instance, the next exit after Sortie 29a/ La Haie Tondue for the D16 to Bonnebosq/ Domaine Dupont/ Route du Cidre is another 15 or 20km... you can still connect to the Route du Cidre/ Domaine Dupont from Sortie/ exit 30 but only by using very slow backroads.

        2. Chateau du Breuil is nice & just a little South of Pont l'Eveque, off the A13/E46.