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Nov 1, 2012 03:53 PM

what to do with hibiscus leaves besides tea?

I bought a bag out of curiosity and now have no ideas besides tea. Any thoughts or recipes?

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  1. Enchiladas de flor de jamaica (a quick search brings up many recipes):

    Chow's version of agua de jamaica was our house drink last summer. Vodka was a great addition:

    A Chow search brings up a few other ideas.

    1. System not working very well this afternoon .....

        1. I've seen recipes for hibiscus margaritas using hibiscus leaves. I think in an old Bon Appetite, check .

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          1. Hibiscus Leaves or Flowers(calyces)?

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              Thanks for catching that. Flowers

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                Agua Fresca of course
                Here is a link to Pati's Mexican Table and while I can not vouch for her recipes it will give you and Idea about some less common ways of using your Hibiscus Flowers.
                The Flowers are very versatile, their herbal and tart flavor lends itself to many applications.
                I have used them for:
                Meat or Fish Marinades
                To flavor Custards, Panna Cottas, Sorbet, Ice Cream and Dessert Sauces.
                With Veal Stock to make a sauce for Fowl or Meat (Lamb in particular
                )As a Gastric with Foie Gras

                1. re: chefj

                  Beautiful. That gives me some jumping points. I like the savory ideas. I like the blend of savory paired with the tart sweet of the flowers. And thank you for all the ones who said they are also called Jamaica flowers

                  1. re: suzigirl

                    I do not think that it has any sweetness at all, but perhaps you associate it with sweet things. I find the same faux-effect with Diners when incorporating flavors that are almost always associated with sweets into completely savory dishes.

                    1. re: chefj

                      I do associate it with sweets, I guess.