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Nov 1, 2012 03:34 PM

Good $1 Sushi at Tomo Sushi

As usual, full review with photos on the blog: http://ramblingsandgamblings.blogspot...

While I mostly write about high end fine dining, I am also partial to good deals at the lower end of the price range. So I was very excited to discover that the $1/pc a la carte sushi at Tomo Sushi in Jackson Heights was not only cheap, but good as well. I remember the Queens Blvd branch from a few years back, but this Jackson Heights branch is a closer walk for me.

It's the same $1/pc for both sushi and sashimi. The sashimi is nicely cut into shorter, thicker pieces.

There is quite a good selection on offer, from the more popular "big three" of salmon, tuna, and yellowtail, to eel and white tuna (escolar). The rice was just a bit tough on one night, but otherwise, the grain size, vinegar, and temperature were fine. The pieces are also of decent size.

While there's plenty to like about filling up on cheap sushi, the real value comes from all the more special pieces, such as toro (limited availability), uni, and scallop, all still for $1/pc. You won't be able to see every individual bump on the urchin tongue, but both the uni and the scallops are still sweet.

Also at a discounted price are the hand rolls at $2.50/pc. The spicy tuna crunch hand roll is another good deal as the filling goes all the way to the bottom, and there are actual diced bits of tuna as opposed to just a thoroughly mashed "pink slime".

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  1. i've found the dollar sushi there to be hit and miss, sometimes surprisingly good, just about always at least decent, seldom outright bad. it's cut reasonably well and my benchmarks -- tuna and scallop -- have always been good. tried uni once and had to throw it out after one nibble because it was as metallic as biting into a piece of aluminum foil, but dollar uni is dollar uni.

    their cooked dishes, at normal prices, are pretty good as well. there's a miso eggplant appetizer i quite like, and the tempura fries up light.

    for what it's worth, eating in house seems to result in higher quality stuff. not just because of the standard sushi time window,. it seems like they cut things a little more carefully and put the rolls together a bit better as well.

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      I've only been there in-house, and only on Fri/Sat nights, when I assume they'd have the better inventory in preparation for the weekend. Maybe that's why it's been more hit and less miss for me?

    2. With sushi slash sashimi, it's all about freshness. Having looked at your blog, the plating looks great, and the price is great. Now it becomes all about freshness and texture, along with supplying a very clean taste. Hopefully Tomo can deliver on all of that for a buck a piece. It's worth a look.

      1. only been twice. last time their salmon sashimi pieces were a little too mushy to my liking. i like the salmon at sushi island better, it's down the block and the price is pretty much the same. but i think they're both hit or miss. since im a big salmon fan i go to sushi island more. the atmosphere of tomo is nicer though (more dark and intimate), i'd definitely go there if you're looking for that sort of thing.

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          The one I'm referring to is the one in Jackson Heights on 37th Ave. I think you're referring to the one on Queens Blvd. I don't know if there's a difference.