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Nov 1, 2012 02:02 PM

Cafe la Maze, National City

Info, comments, opinions?

Thanks, GJ

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  1. Are you comments for a SD institution? Step back into the 60's (or, maybe 40's) and check out the ambiance of average food well served by nice people who like you. Go for lunch and order the "bones" plate (like the National City mayor does..sans veggies) and get a bourbon and ginger on the side. Or, go in the evening and enjoy some of the best and worst of karaoke south of Oceanside with your dinner. Starlite it ain't but funky, cool, and fun..if you're open to it.

    1. It's every bit as good as Bully's. Very convenient if you happen to be stuck in the South Bay. Three sizes of Prime rib to choose from. Good steak. Soup or salad, choice of potato and veggies, just like 40 years ago. Red leather booths. Retro vibes and people to match. WOW.