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Nov 1, 2012 01:31 PM

Any experiences to report dining by candlelight on the dark side (i.e., south of 40th St.)?

Walking home from Midtown East to Chelsea last night, we noticed several restaurants without power that appeared to be open and serving by candlelight. While it's possible that they were serving only drinks, I imagine that many are able to prepare meals using gas ovens and stove tops. Tonight, we're hoping to give one of these places a try. Any recommendations?

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  1. My report:

    We headed down to the East Village, where a small (but nonetheless surprising) number of restaurants were serving dinner. After quickly surveying the options, we wandered in to Spina, on Avenue B and 11th St., and were treated to a wonderful meal and a bustling neighborhood scene. Using a rented generator, they were able to serve their entire menu, but they nonetheless lowered all of their prices: appetizers were $5; salads $10; pastas $15; entrees $20; beer $5; and wine $10. And the owner still was pouring free drinks on top of the lower prices. We had a wonderful time!

    1. Tertulia was amazing. Cooked via headlamp using their wood burning oven. And they cut prices. Paella special for $12. A suckling pig special. Smoked beet salad. All to candle light. They were also feeding NYPD who wandered in, for free.

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          Will second Kathryn's Tertulia experience. We did their $30 "chef's tasting" and had paella (normally $38!), lentil salad, pan con tamate, sea urchin toast, suckling pig, dessert and a glass of wine. It was a really lovely night, all things considered. (And we greatly appreciated their generosity to the police officers who were conducting traffic in the cold.)