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Nov 1, 2012 01:15 PM

Suggestions for Book Club Meeting-West LA?

Ideally a place where we can order and pay at the counter and have the food brought to the table, or where we can do separate checks. Not too pricey, under $25/person without wine. We meet on a Wednesday night. Thanks!

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  1. Coral Tree Cafe on San Vicente in Brentwood would work well.

    1. i like Coral Tree, but the acoustics are terrible and it can get extremely noisy - may not be ideal for a discussion group unless they're not busy. how about Literati Cafe?

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      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        I dont think the back patio at Coral Tree would be noisy. I thought of Literati too. I dont think they order at the counter there.

        1. re: Thor123

          You definitely order at the counter at Literati. The newly expanded eating area (formerly Literati II) might be a nice place to have a book club, although, if your group is somewhat loud, you might get some dirty looks from the people who are there to do (quiet) work. ;)

          You also might be waiting awhile for the food; my burger yesterday night took about 20 (!) minutes, and they were NOT busy.... They generally serve the food fairly quickly, though.

          1. re: Thor123

            the patio at Coral Tree is great, it's just the first area to fill up - hard to get a table for a group out there! and yes, you do order at the counter at Literati, but ilysla made a good point about most people being there for quiet work :)

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              Yep Coral Tree or Literati. Also Urth Caffe.

        2. At Tender Greens in Santa Monica, you order at a counter & pay ahead, but normally you bring the trays to your own table....not sure why this is a concern, perhaps you can ask a staff member to help you carry your tray? They seem very helpful & eager to please there. There is also a location in Culver City.

          1. Tiato could work. Food is hit or miss, but you can order at the counter and the space is pretty conducive to conversation. I like the salmon and the spinach salad.

            1. Separate checks might be a problem, but the below restaurants easily meet your budget and have quiet areas and are slow enough that they won't chase you out:

              1. India's Oven Indian on Wilshire/Barrington
              2. Sawtelle Kitchen Asian fusion on Sawtelle Ave - parking can be difficult. Some hard surface acoutsics, but patio is OK if warm enough outdoors.
              3. Bibigo Korean fast food on Broxton in Westwood - has a rear patio, but have not seen it but I don't think it's overly crowded.
              4. Hop Li Chinese on Santa Monica Blvd - This is what I would choose. they have 2 private rooms that can accommodate 12 each and be joined together if necessary. There is some minimum to get the private room. If not, acoustics are OK to have a conversation.

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              1. re: altstarr

                re: bibigo
                1) unless your club is made up of adventurous eaters, this would not be the place.
                virtually no americana/comfort food or anything remotely like it. (i.e. it is not at all like the food that was served in the midwest in the 60's). completely different flavor profile.

                2) imho portions are tiny

                before 800 degrees opened, i used to go to bibigo pretty frequently.