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Nov 1, 2012 01:01 PM

Anything interesting in Redding?

We'll be spending Thanksgiving with family in Redding. We'll arrive early in the week, and would enjoy a quiet dinner or two on our own before plunging into the whole family thing. Not looking for fine dining, just good food with decent beer & wine list. Any suggestions?

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  1. In late 2010 we did a 5-1/2 wk driving trip to the Pacific NW and back again. We stopped in Red Bluff, not Redding, as there was both a hotel and a restaurant that had gotten great reviews from a couple of travel sites.

    Both turned out to be amazing. The restaurant was Los Mariachi's: 604 Main St., Red Bluff, CA. The seafood was amazing - 7 Mares seafood soup was better than any bouillabaise we've had in the SF Bay Area. Great shrimp and octopus cocktail, and a shrimp quesadilla. They're actually famous for the meat dishes, which are massive.

    I ordered the lunch size of the pork al pastor. Yelpers raved about this dish, and it's worth the praise. One of those dishes that everyone makes a little differently, al pastor is Mexican BBQ at its best. Marinated, grilled pork is chopped and mixed with just enough sauce to flavor without drowning it. There's a little heat and a lot of flavor, along with a choice of corn or flour tortillas.

    The Fiesta salad with beef was a giant tortilla shell. I figured I'd get a lot of lettuce and modest dollops of everything else. Instead, I received a healthy ladleful of meltingly tender chunks of beef, still hot, over a modest amount of shredded lettuce and a generous amount of both guacamole and sour cream, piled inside an extra-large tortilla shell. I could barely finish it!

    My DH is DYING to go back....but it's a long drive from SF! One of these days though, we're going back. We liked Los Mariachi's so much, we went to dinner and then went back for lunch the next day!

    1. My first thoughts are Tapas (, Vintage Wine Bar (, or Maritime Seafood ( All near/in the downtown area. We like Maxwell's too (, but I don't think it fits the "quiet dinner" bill. Any particular cuisine?

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        Not looking for any particular cuisine, just good food & wine. Those all sound very promising, especially Tapas. Thanks, we'll probably try it.

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          I think my DW was referring to the "quiet dinner" as a dinner away from the 10 relatives around their dining room table...

        2. Moonstone Bistro does food right. Savory Spoon, newish place in an ugly strip mall, really over-delivers.

          1. Judybird, where did you end up eating?

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              Just got home yesterday, and finally have time to reply. Sadly, we wound up not eating out anywhere in Redding - the family demands were just too much and we weren't able to break away. I'll save the list for next time, we get up there a couple of times a year.

              I do want to recommend Casa Cuevas in Anderson, a few miles south of Redding. It's a smallish, family-owned Mexican restaurant, and the food was amazing. Everything is made there, and the quality and flavors show it. We had dinner there one evening with 10 people - 5 adults and 5 kids, and they took wonderful care of all of us. I wasn't too hungry, so had albondigas soup, lovely with its vegetables, rich broth and rough-textured meatballs. DH had an amazing roasted lamb shank with chile sauce, the flavors and complexity were just wonderful. The next day we grabbed take-out lunch - fish tacos for me, chile verde for DH. Again, just delicious. I'd go back and eat my way through their menu.