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Nov 1, 2012 12:59 PM

Lunch in Pt. Richmond, or thereabouts...

My Napa-based friend and I are looking for a mid-point to meet for lunch. (I'm in Oakland).

Was thinking about Pt. Richmond as one possibility. Many of the posts on this board are pretty dated, so I'm casting my fate to informed 'hounds. Any suggestions for Pt. Richmond, or nearby?


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  1. I work in Pt. Richmond and get sandwiches (well, panini, really) to-go from Little Louie's fairly often. It's nothing amazing, just clean, fresh, and I'm a fan of the local bread they use. I've been told they have a cute patio area out back.

    Other than that, it's usually the El Agricultor taco truck at Cutting and Canal.

    Anything in particular that you're looking for? I seem to do most of my eating out more toward you, but Rworange (bless her) did a really good job of covering the Richmond flats...

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      I've been to Little Louie's, though perhaps three or four years ago, and yes, the patio is nice on a sunny day for sitting down with a sandwich.

      I found this directory of eating places in Point Richmond. Some times more input will roll in when one asks about specific places.

      A friend loves the tortas at the Tortas Azteca truck across from the refinery. He drives over from SF to eat there.
      These 14 FB check-ins are probably all him. :)

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I noticed the Tortas Azteca truck parked on the west side of the Parkway just the other day and there was another truck parked about 50 feet away, as well. Didn't catch the name of the other truck, but the Tortas Azteca truck had a line six deep at 8:45 am.

    2. Little Louis is great for sandwiches, I would also recommend Kao Sarn (Thai) about a block away or the Boilerhouse about 3 miles east of of Cutting on Harbor Way South.

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        Looks like the Boilerhouse is closing, to reopen in January 2013...per their website.

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          According to an email I received a few moments ago from the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, they are serving lunch only 11am-2:30pm, Monday through Friday until December 7. They will be closed this coming Saturday and Sunday, and will be closed for renovation starting December 12 through late January.

      2. Forgot to mention, there is a little place called Botto's Italian Bistro off the Marina Bay Parkway exit. They're located in the same strip mall as the CVS. Because I don't get there until almost closing time, I'll order to take home. They are pretty fast, maybe 10-15 minute wait.

        I love their super thin crust pizzas. The pere e gorgonzola is delicious, as is their ortolana (spinach, fresh tomato, olives, feta cheese). Their entree specials change all the time. I had their pork chop special - I think it was a double cut chop with a porcini mushroom gravy and sauteed garlic spinach. Another time it was homemade chanterelle ravioli with a wine cream sauce. I also had their cioppino with crab, mussels, prawns and fish in a lobster broth. Delicious as it was, it didn't travel well. It was packed in an environmentally-friendly takeaway container and all the broth had soaked into the three slices of toasted italian bread. My mistake, it is obviously one of the dishes to eat there!

        In all fairness, I usually have a glass of wine while I'm waiting. I take longer to drink a glass of wine than it takes for their chef to prepare my meal. I usually ask if they could wait 10-15 minutes or so before starting my food so I don't have to swill down the wine when my order is ready. It doesn't always work, and my food will sit for 10 minutes or so before I head home. The only entree that "suffered" was the cioppino.

        Portions are very generous, and pricing may be a tad high for the location, but the food is quite delicious.

        Botto's Bistro
        2171 Meeker Avenue, Richmond CA 94804

        Monday-Friday, 11am - 8pm
        Saturday-Sunday, 4pm - 8pm