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The Good, and the Bad

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Just back from a few days of eating in and around Fort Lauderdale/Miami and we had a blast. I was surprised by the abundance of Bar B Que restaurants/joints. Almost as many as Ferrari dealerships. We didn't try them, are any of them any good? I'm spoiled coming from Austin Texas, BBQ capitol of the state. Anyway, the Good...we enjoyed a restaurant week treat at Cafe Maxx. Four sublime courses from Kobe beef meatballs, to pasta bolognese, to a petite fillet to a chocolate suffle, on the mark each time. Great service, wonderful restaurant. Also Good was Pomperdale's for a late sunday morning breakfast. The other 3 had lox, bagels, creamcheese, the works and all loved it. I ate eggs and bacon with a bagel and a schmeer, excellent and a great value! Next visit I'm coming here for at least one lunch. A great place, great atmosphere, great food, interesting people. One evening we bought Mahi Mahi at a gorgeous Fresh Market. We made fish tacos with a chipolte aoili and slaw. They were marvelous. We also had a marvelous plate of eggs benedict at Deco on South Beach in Miami. They were $5.75, a real value, and excellent. Two perfect poached eggs, thick slices of Canadian Bacon, home made Hollandase and a wedge of potatos. Great location, great day to eat outside, great people watching and all for $5.75. And now the BAD. Years ago I ate at Monty's in Coconut Grove. I have raved about it for years and made the very unfortunate mistake of taking the group to the Monty's on Miami Beach. Don't make that mistake, please! Do they make Conch Chowder in a can? I'm betting Monty's found it. The worst excuse for coconut shrimp I've had the pleasure of eating, over fried by a long shot. The crab claws were ok, not good, and the mustard sauce was abomnible. All in all a waste of a meal and $186.00! Why oh why didn't we go to Joe's? I'll be back again soon and look forward to trying more of your recommendations. Thanks!

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  1. I would not eat bbq here if I were you. Thanks for the report.

    1. If you're coming from Austin there is absolutely no reason you would ever want to eat BBQ in South Florida. And yes, Joe's > Monty's.

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        Brother Jimmy's is doing a fine job with BBQ.....Sparky's Roadside is solid as well......I've been to Austin....Lockhart.....Dallas.....Ft. Worth.....eaten at THE top BBQ spots in those areas....And Brother Jimmy's and Sparky's has NOTHING to be ashamed of as both are serving highly edible, real BBQ..........

        Ft. Pierce, FL

        1. re: LargeLife

          Ok but you also live here. I would not come to visit from austin have maybe only 2-3 meals in florida and choose bbq as one of them. There is a difference between what a local would eat and someone who visits. That's the point we are trying to make.

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            BTW did you ever eat at Franklins? If so, was it worth the line?

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              I get it.....I guess I was defending the honor of those 2 establishments.....I have eaten at Franklins......I ate at Salt Lick and Snow's Smokehouse when I was in Austin a few weeks back......Lines were long at Snow's but it was worth it.....I've hit most (but not all) the places in Lockhart, TX.....Still like the Smoke Pit in Ft. Worth and Sonny Bryans Smokehouse in Dallas (orginal location)......Have also hit many of the top places in North Carolina also.....but left discouraged.....Memphis and Kansas City too.....I admit....I'm a BBQ freak.....

              Ft. Pierce, FL

              Ft. Pierce, FL

              1. re: LargeLife

                What was your favorite in Texas? Lots of people say Franklins.

                1. re: LargeLife

                  Pride and Joy opened today. I'd be interested in your opinion on that place as well, once you get a chance to try it. Thanks.

            2. re: Frodnesor

              Yes, nobody from Austin Texas should even think eating bbq while on vacation in SoFla . It's like someone from here looking for great Cuban or super fresh seafood in the middle Iowa.

              1. re: freakerdude

                You never know where you'll find great cuban! And one of the very finest seafood restaurants that I've ever eaten is was Monterrey Bay in Pittsburgh! 5-Stars all the way!

                I liked Franklins alot.....Snow's was excellent was well....Alot of great places in Texas.....My favorite remains The Salt Lick....and that's because of their chicken and the mop sauce they apply to it......In Texas you can get great brisket and ribs at 100 different places....But the chicken at The Salt Lick is the juiciest and tastiest and its likely they have an exclusive provider.....Have just never tasted chicken like that.....and I've been there three times.....

                Love the original Sonny Bryan's Smoke House on Memoria / Inwood in Dallas......Their brisket is off the charts.....and the decor is pretty cool.....It's a shack of a place....and you sit in old school desks to eat......Or you have to do like I do....and go out back and sit at the picnic tables with the big guys.....who don't fit in the wrap-around school desks.....(LOL)

                LuLu's in Ft. Pierce is pretty good too......

                Ft. Pierce, FL