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Mammoth Lakes, Ca any recs for dinner?

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I'm planning a trip to Mammoth Lakes, Ca and would like any recommendations you guys have for dinner in that area.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. j
    janet of reno

    The Restaurant at Convict Lake. About eleven miles south of Mammoth Lakes. Some of the best food and value in the Eastern Sierra.

    Link: http://www.convictlake.com/restaurant...

    1. Last year, we ate at Novatos and it was very good. Pleasant atmosphere, attentive service and I recall that I enjoyed the food. Wish I could remember more but just remember the important part and that being that the food was very tasty!

      1. Navato's is great. Good wine list too. Tamarack lodge is also great in a beautiful setting.

        1. Over the year we tried them all: the genuine quality place in M is the Scadi.

          1. Burgers on Minert (right across the street from The Village) is so good. It is great casual, family friendly dining. Great homemade soups, burgers and fries. I usually get the patty melt, but everything is very tasty.

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              Do you have an address for burgers on Minert? I have never been to Mammoth before and the only "The Village" I can find is housing.

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                The "Village" is one of the newest developments in town consisting of lodging (hotel and condos), shopping, and dining. There is a gondola there at the center of the village that lifts you to the base of the mountain at Canyon Lodge. Directly across from the Village is Burgers, located here:

                6118 Minaret Rd
                Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

                Burgers, unlike the brand new restaurants in The Village, is an old-school institution in town and part of an earlier era in the town's development.

                R. Jason Coulston

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                  Thanks to debid and Jason for this rec. We had an early lunch at "Burgers" yesterday and it held us well past dinner time. Very good meat used for the thick ½ lb. burgers. My son (a big man) had a cheese burger with fries and because this meal was so large he could not finish the fries. I had the open face chili-size and still am not sure which I like more because both the chili and the burger were outstanding. Even the presentation was very nice with the thin rings of purple onion spread over the top of the shredded cheeses and chili pilled high over the ½ lb. burger on top of the bun. The meal came with a side of fries on the plate and for just under $10 it was the best meal of my weekend. We must have said “Wow, that really was a good meal” about five times after leaving there – perfect mountain meal!

                  On Saturday night we ate the Mountainside Grill. I had the flat-iron steak with a side of mac & cheese. The steak was very tender and the flavor was exactly what I wanted – strong beefy flavor. That very large bowl of mac & cheese was too big for me to eat. I quickly put it in the middle of the table so my son and I could use it as a serving bowl with each of us taking what we wanted. The thick cheese sauce was very good and that would make a great meal buy itself.

                  Very good food on the mountain and we will return to both of this places.

                  Mountainside Grill (Mammoth Mountain Inn)
                  1 Minaret Road
                  Mammoth Lakes, CA
                  (760) 934-0601

                  Burgers Restaurant
                  6118 Minaret Road
                  Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
                  Ed and Kathy Hurley (760) 934-6622

            2. The only places I go in Mammoth are Whiskey Creek for dinner and Good Life Cafe for breakfast. If you drink beer then a visit to the Clock Tower Cellar is required. Last time picked up a pizza at Nik-n-Willies it was edible and easy.

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                Burgers on Minert is absolutely what the doctor ordered after a hard day on the slopes or in the backcountry. A thick burger is almost the only thing that will do after 4 hours of snowshoeing. I'm not really down at all with any of the new "Village" restaurants. We've had poor meals even at some of the more expensive joints in the Village.

                Tamarack offers old-school, mountain-themed dining. You're likely to see venison with some sort of huckleberry demi-glace, for example. Interestingly, the hallway leading from the main lounge in the front to the dining room in the back is lined with absolutely gorgeous spent trophy bottles of wine. Old first-grown Bordeaux and classic Napa Valley Cabernet seem to be the focus, but some interesting Burgundies also sneak in. Whether those bottles are actually on the wine list is another matter all together.

                R. Jason Coulston

              2. Slocum's Grill on Main St. across from the Holiday Inn is excellent. Have eaten there several times and it is consistently good. Tonight I started with the Ceaser salad-my server warned that it had an anchovy on top, I responded 'only one?' and when mine was brought out there were several -- really good service. I had the steak Diane and it was properly done--the fresh veggies were snow peas and sliced carrots. For dessert I had the chocolate volcano cake with ice cream and it was great. The wine list was good, I had a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir that went well with the entire meal. Dress is California/Great Basin casual (ball caps and flip-flops) which makes for a very relaxed atmosphere. Service is excellent--I purposely left my steak knife on my salad plate after cutting the greens (and anchovies...) and a new one was provided with the main course when it was served--definitely a heads-up move. Dinner came to $72 with the bottle of wine--very reasonable for the quality and service.