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Nov 1, 2012 12:09 PM

Restaurant Jezebel

It's back, baby!

We went for opening night last night. The entrance to the restaurant is sort of hidden - you get there through Bar Mirebeau. There is also valet parking, but there are free spots around after business hours, so look around. We had no problems finding a spot on Halloween.

It's completely prix fixe and jackets for gentlemen are required. This is a source of much angst on Parind Vora has explained it fully - jacket + blue jeans + boots = okay. Jacket + blue jeans + flip flops = not okay. We saw guys there with jackets and t-shirts on. Other guys with jackets, button downs, and slacks. A pretty big cross section. I don't remember seeing a tie. I did see a rack of jackets near the restrooms which I'm guessing is for diners who forgot theirs.

The space itself is much smaller than the old restaurant. It can accommodate 32 diners. But this is due to the radical new menu structure they now employ.

When you are seated, your only menu options are how many courses you would like and whether you'd like something off the wine list. If you want a cocktail, they bring a cart to your table and make it tableside. We had some fine Old Fashioned cocktails to sustain us. Everything else is taken care of via questionnaire. You're asked if you'd like vegetarian, light, or standard fare; if you have food allergies; if there are flavors or textures you don't care for; how spicy you like your food; how adventurously you'd like to eat tonight; how you like your meat cooked; and if there's anything you particularly are in the mood for. There are probably some other things I forgot. Given your answers to these questions, Parind constructs your meal specifically for you.

We mentioned that we really missed Jezebel's foie gras - we had a hard time finding seared foie gras around town since they burned down. We were then treated with THREE foie gras courses!

We ordered the seven course menu, but ended up with something like 12 courses, all told (I might have butchered the order a bit - see: Old Fashioneds):

1: Seared foie gras with mumble mumble (I knew I should have taken notes)
2: Seared foie gras with Thai chili glaze
-warm olives, Jezebel style
3: Deep fried foie gras ball with mustard and sauerkraut
-palate cleanser -sorbet with jamun fruit and basil
4: Smoked tilefish and mustard greens
5: Lobster bisque served inside of a sea urchin
6: Wild boar chop with lentils
-intermezzo: pumpkin bisque
7: S'mores with tobacco ice cream and butternut crepes with caramel(?) ice cream
-assortment of truffles, macaroons, homemade fiddle faddle
-coffee cake muffins to take home for breakfast

I was left in a permanent state of eyes rolling back into my head in ecstasy. I think I need to go to church and the gym.

Oh, and by the way, I was a little sad that the ladies' room was not covered in astroturf like the old one was, but then I saw that they had a small bit of 'turf framed and placed behind the faucet. A bit of continuity. Love it.

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  1. looks like valet is included in the price of the meal. how do you go about getting reservations? on the website I registered and there were no dates to select from!

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    1. re: chrisdds98

      Huh, I can't even get to their website - all I see is an Under Construction hold screen. Here's from their Facebook page:

      Please call 512 436 9633 for reservations. (starting to take for Formula one-special menu).

      Please note that Jackets are required for gentlemen. jeans & cowboy boots are OK, flip flops or sandals are not.

      Couture Dining, never off the rack. We offer the best of the best. Cult wines, foie gras, caviar & truffles to aged cognac & cigars.

      1. re: addlepated

        Had a big wine dinner there once- 3 vintages of Roumier Musigny among other things. Food was good, but not great- certainly nowhere near expectations based on recommendations.

        New dress code and wine+cigars spells a further departure from serious food to me- and catering to the new hipster crowd. More power to them if they pull it off- but I am not in. And I say that with regret since I saw some promise there when I went.

      2. re: chrisdds98

        Make reservations on OpenTable or call 512-436-9633..........

        1. re: winfreyjo

          I went here:

          Also, opentable is inaccurate right now, says they have reservations when they don't. calling is the way to go

          1. re: chrisdds98

            Ohh, I think the link is for the private dinner parties they were doing while the restaurant was still under construction.

        1. re: chrisdds98

          Website has this:

          Pay and that's it! Current pricing starts at $120 per person; this price is all-inclusive (includes gratuity and valet fees as applicable), with the exception of alcoholic beverages. Event prices subject to change according to availability.

          1. re: verily

            I'm not sure where you're seeing that... the prices are slightly different:

            $75/pp for the four course option
            $125/pp for the seven course option

            The website is stating $85/pp for four courses, so they might have tweaked prices a bit since opening, or it might be a typo. There's still some Lorem Ipsum in there, so it looks like a work in progress.


            1. re: addlepated

              From the apparently outdated jezebeldining site... 75/85 sounds much better.

        2. Is there a questionnaire for each person or for each table?

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          1. re: Rice Checks

            For us, it was each person, but since our responses were substantially identical (except my husband can stand the devil weed cilantro and I cannot), we received the same dishes.

          2. anyone try the cheese cart$ $70 for two has gotta be some pretty great stuff...

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            1. re: dinaofdoom

              I agree. I'm very curious about this cheese cart.