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Nov 1, 2012 12:05 PM

Better Ad Targeting

Tech Support,

Um, I frequent the Kosher board. At the top of its page is a banner add for "Put More Pork on Your Fork"! In the Kosher board, really?! It's a little tasteless, to say the least, maybe even offensive (to me).

Might I suggest some "Specialty Board Switches" fields in your ad database? This would check the ad against these "Specialties" (e.g. Kosher) to verify if the ad fits well with your specialty boards. If they don't fit (switch field is "Off"), then keep trying to find ads that do.

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  1. Adblock is your friend.

    1. I just visited the Kosher board and was presented with an ad for a Christian singles' site, proclaiming "Jesus Christ is Lord." This is about as inappropriate as the ad for pork.

      1. inappropriate ad targeting: the anti-gluten free snark with the title "Gluten free tips". NOT at all funny for someone suffering from pain or disability, champ. dumbass.

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        1. re: toodie jane

          Dear fellow hounds,

          This was similar to the issue I raised about inappropriate ads, including ads for predatory crash diets. I understand the need for advertising, but it should be more carefully vetted to avoid ads in bad taste or counter to the very idea of pleasure in food. (Healthy vegetables and lighter fare yes, "diet plans" with packaged chemical swill, no!

          1. re: lagatta

            And it has been said, in every post complaining about any style, type, vendor or product ad, ADBLOCK (it's free, and you get NO STRESS from using it) is your friend.

            To even think that a site like ChowHound or Chow, carefully matches each post with elegantly selected , fine china, white cloth ads is rather silly. Heck I get recipes showing for 4th of July, any time of year. Last week I had Valentine Day ones.
            I am willing to bet the Organic Farm, that the ads placed are not selected to upset, insult or damage any tender feelings of any person. I feel very sure that TPTB will attest to that.