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Nov 1, 2012 11:43 AM

Edible Beeswax YYC

Seeking edible beeswax, to be used in baking. Tried Planet Organic, Google, no luck.


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  1. Hi Bill,

    I saw beeswax at the farmer's market (Bearspaw or maybe it was Cochrane).
    Did you check with some local beekeepers who sell honey?

    I also tried to answer your sausage question but chowhound is acting up and won't let me reply to it. I will try later again.

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    1. re: josey124

      Calgary Farmers Market has a honey/bee booth. Possibility?

    2. The Beehive in Kensington has this listed in their online product catalog.
      From what you can read of the label, it seems to be edible but you should verify.

      1. If you don't mind me asking, what are you using it for? I'd never heard of beeswax being used in baking so I googled and found that is can be used for greasing baking sheets and also in caneles (sorry, need an acute accent in that last word but can't seem to do it in this forum). Well, how about that!

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        1. re: altavino

          You can just eat it like that with a spoon. I used to love that when I was a kid.

          1. re: altavino

            Altavino, you hit it.

            We were recently in France and I was tiring of very small coffees, so in our travels we ran into a McDonalds and went in for a Cafe Americain. To my dismay, they only offered the same espressos, cappucinos, etc that everyone sells. It was also unlike any North American McDonalds I had ever been to, with a complete espresso bar and a selection of pastries that could have graced all but the finest pâtisseries . It was set out like a separate store within McDonalds, though with common seating.

            Among the pastries we tried were Canelés de Bordeaux. Mrs Scary immediately fell in love with them, and henceforth one of the missions became finding a recipe and the proper moulds.

            We went to E.Dehillerin in Paris a 200 year old cooking store, and among her numerous purchases, walked out with a silpat type mould for the Canelés. I will add that the traditional moulds are copper, and très cher, too much for the cheapskate in me.

            Anyway, we're headed to The Beehive today, as they have pure unadulterated beeswax, and sometime within the next few days will attempt to execute on the mission.

            Oh, and "cut and paste" keeps the proper accents here.

            1. re: Scary Bill

              In case it doesn't work out, Yann Patisserie in Mission sells caneles... probably the only place in Calgary that has them. I didn't find these when I was in Paris so I can't compare Yann's vs the real thing. However, I really love their caneles.

              1. re: cellophane_star

                Cello, one must have a positive attitude. I will be expressing mine in Yellowknife when they are ready to come out of the oven.

                1. re: Scary Bill

                  Pleased to report: just spotted edible beeswax at cookbooks co on 11th ave SW!

          2. Bite Groceteria or the honey place at CFM (at least they used to sell it- def check Bite anyway)

            1. Thanks to all for the suggestions. Picked some up at The Beehive. Nice store, pleasant owner, but he might want to keep the pure products in a separate area as the block we picked up still smells like a scented candle, rather than a scent of honey as I would have expected.

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              1. re: Scary Bill

                I came across copper caneles molds at the Red Deer Homesense over the weekend which made me think of your post. Looks like I'm going to have to find beeswax next :)

                1. re: maplesugar

                  Maple, we have bought a number of items at Homesense that I would not have expected to find there, but canales molds is a real surprise, great score! Good luck with the recipe execution. And The Beehive in Kensington has beeswax if you can't fing any in Red Deer.

                  1. re: Scary Bill

                    I was in Calgary earlier today and found edible beeswax at Cookbook Co. (our travels didn't take us to Kensington or I would have checked out The Beehive). I've been working 40+hrs a week of late so I don't know when I'll get to caneles but I will be sure to report on Home Cooking when I do :)