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Nov 1, 2012 11:23 AM

suggestions for 4 nights in Phoenix

Hi all,

I'll be in Phoenix on business for 4 nights (this coming Sunday through Wednesday) and I'll probably be on my own for dinners.

I'm looking for good food, interesting cuisines, informal, something that will remind me that I'm not in Kansas (or Massachusetts, in my case) anymore. A place where it wouldn't be too weird to read (book or iPad) while eating would be nice. I'm not frightened by spicy or unusual food.

Looking at the board; Carolina's, La Grande Orange, and China Magic Noodle House have already caught my eye. Other suggestions?



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  1. Where in Phoenix are you, and how far are you willing to drive?

    Based on the locations of the places you've picked so far, I would add-

    Crudo- cocktails and amazing tapas- pricing is higher end
    Grind- best burger in town- medium end
    Khyber Halal- Afghan/Pakistani- lower end
    Italian Restaurant- lesser-known offshoot from the Bianco empire- medium end

    Let us know what types of cuisines you're specifically interested in and how far you want to drive.

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    1. re: cactuschowdah

      Thanks for the suggestions. I'll be staying in the Mesa/Gilbert part of town, and I'm willing to drive 30 minutes for something interesting. As far as cuisine, I'm pretty wide open. I assume that Mexican/Southwest are probably good choices for Phoenix, but I like pretty much everything.

      1. re: jimp

        If you're in Mesa/Gilbert and only want to drive 30 minutes I'd focus on Scottsdale/Tempe just to make things easier for you.

        I second the Crudo (although might be a bit far) and FnB. Carolina's and China Magic Noodle house are good ideas but a long drive. I'd like to guide you to more Southeast Valley Mexican but don't know the SE valley well. Hopefully someone else can chime in.

        1. re: jimp

          In Mesa/Gilbert, there's also a new outpost of Postino, which is quite good- not destination dining, but certainly the best in that part of town

          1. re: jimp

            Mesa has a great Asain scene, surrounding the Mekong Plaza area.

            A newer Schezuan restaurant opened up near there called Mui's Cuisine, and it's ridiculously good. Also in the plaza is Hue Gourmet in a food court style plaza, which serves central Vietnamese cuisine. South a bit is Chou's Kitchen which serves great meat pies, dumplings and other NE chinese cuisine. All of these options aren't much for ambiance, but killer food.

            Other options near there are Cornish Pasty Co, which has a cool vibe, great beer and tasty Pastys. Shimogamo is a great find for sushi, though i'd guess you wouldn't seek out sushi while in AZ. Fry Bread House east serves some killer Native American Fry Bread style tacos, too. Crepe Bar in Tempe, just west of Mesa might be a good stop too.

        2. La Grande Orange
          Pizzeria Bianco
          Italian Restaurant

          Would strongly consider Cornish Pasty Company, Christophers, Cowboy Ciao, Binkley's

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Los Dos Molinos Mesa
              Cafe Bink
              Persian Room
              Ninth and Ash Tempe
              Lon's at the Hermosa
              Kaz Bar Old Scottsdale
              Bourbon Steak happy hour
              House of Tricks

              1. Some casual, informal places to add to the lists already provided

                Chino Bandido
                America's Taco Shop

                ... and Sweet Republic (for ice cream in Scottsdale, a bit of a trek from Gilbert but well worth the detour)