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ISO Queen Mary Twining Tea

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Parents had this tea while in the UK, and been trying to look for it back home with no luck. Moms birthday coming up, so would be a nice present for her.

Anyone seen it in the lower mainland.

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  1. I thought it was discontinued. It doesn't show up on the Twinings site anywhere.

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    1. re: Anne M

      yes, I thought so too but do not know since when. Hoping some store still stock it or some other brand re-made the blend.

    2. did you call this place --- it's on dunbar and 41st (approx) in Vancouver - another location in white rock along the beach road

      and isn't there another brit food place in north van - lynn valley area?
      (just google "british food vancouver" and i'm sure it comes up in the results.
      i have bought stuff at the dunbar and 41st location of Celtic Treasure chest - incl my favourite Cornish Wafers - and all product was fresh and good quality (ie not broken up in the shipping process


      i hope that helps

      ps - have you seen this facebook page --- sounds like those of us who want Trader Joe's in our fav nearby USA towns like Wenatchee WA TJ's!

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      1. re: Georgia Strait

        Yes, Celtic Treasure Chest is fantastic -- they have such an amazing selection of British meat pies, sausages, and pastries, not to mention the sweets and chocolate biccies!! I just wish they had a location slightly further east.

        1. re: Georgia Strait

          The place in North Van is called The British Butcher Shoppe.
          Their website seems to be down at the moment.

        2. I suggest trying Gourmet Warehouse - they have a decent selection of imported teas from Britain & elsewhere. I was able to buy loose Yorkshire Gold tea there last week. Call first to see if they have it; they may be able to order it in for you. http://www.gourmetwarehouse.ca/

          Another option is the British-style newsagent / British food shop in Park Royal shopping centre, near Extra Foods. http://www.shopparkroyal.com/stores/d...

          1. Thanks GS and geekmom, tried both Celtic Treasure and gourmet warehouse with no luck. Got some Yorkshire Gold tea to try, if the parents like it I know where to get it for them later. But the seach for QueenMary continues

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            1. re: loafer80

              Darn, I was hoping one of those places would work out for you. Another place I just thought of is Sherlock's in New West. Again, a lot of places are willing to order stuff in if you ask. I just wish one of these British food shops would carry Rocky chocolate biscuits; I can't find them anywhere here, and find them vastly superior to the more popular Club biscuits.

            2. isn't it ironic / odd? that none of us have suggested talking to Murchies - the venerable bc vancouver tea people - maybe they have an equivalent blend/flavour? it's on west pender - is it still there? they - along with other born and raised bc food and bev vendors seem to fall in to the woodwork. sad. tho their service was indifferent, i found.

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              1. re: Georgia Strait

                Yes Murchies is still on West Pender. They went into bankruptcy a few years ago and are now run by a new ownership.

                1. re: Georgia Strait

                  You know, I've been to their Oakridge location a few times and noticed they only sell their own blends of tea (nothing wrong with them - they're quite tasty) and so I didn't even think of them when the OP said they wanted a specific blend of Twinings tea. But you've had a good thought, GS - it might be interesting to go there & see if they can offer something close to the flavour of the Queen Mary brand. I find the service at the Oakridge location is fairly good, and a welcome relief after the predatory cheerfulness of the employees at David's Tea.

                2. any follow-up for us UK tea drinkers? Just curious.