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Nov 1, 2012 11:01 AM

ISO Queen Mary Twining Tea

Parents had this tea while in the UK, and been trying to look for it back home with no luck. Moms birthday coming up, so would be a nice present for her.

Anyone seen it in the lower mainland.

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  1. I thought it was discontinued. It doesn't show up on the Twinings site anywhere.

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    1. re: Anne M

      yes, I thought so too but do not know since when. Hoping some store still stock it or some other brand re-made the blend.

    2. did you call this place --- it's on dunbar and 41st (approx) in Vancouver - another location in white rock along the beach road

      and isn't there another brit food place in north van - lynn valley area?
      (just google "british food vancouver" and i'm sure it comes up in the results.
      i have bought stuff at the dunbar and 41st location of Celtic Treasure chest - incl my favourite Cornish Wafers - and all product was fresh and good quality (ie not broken up in the shipping process


      i hope that helps

      ps - have you seen this facebook page --- sounds like those of us who want Trader Joe's in our fav nearby USA towns like Wenatchee WA TJ's!

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      1. re: Georgia Strait

        Yes, Celtic Treasure Chest is fantastic -- they have such an amazing selection of British meat pies, sausages, and pastries, not to mention the sweets and chocolate biccies!! I just wish they had a location slightly further east.

        1. re: Georgia Strait

          The place in North Van is called The British Butcher Shoppe.
          Their website seems to be down at the moment.

        2. I suggest trying Gourmet Warehouse - they have a decent selection of imported teas from Britain & elsewhere. I was able to buy loose Yorkshire Gold tea there last week. Call first to see if they have it; they may be able to order it in for you.

          Another option is the British-style newsagent / British food shop in Park Royal shopping centre, near Extra Foods.

          1. Thanks GS and geekmom, tried both Celtic Treasure and gourmet warehouse with no luck. Got some Yorkshire Gold tea to try, if the parents like it I know where to get it for them later. But the seach for QueenMary continues

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            1. re: loafer80

              Darn, I was hoping one of those places would work out for you. Another place I just thought of is Sherlock's in New West. Again, a lot of places are willing to order stuff in if you ask. I just wish one of these British food shops would carry Rocky chocolate biscuits; I can't find them anywhere here, and find them vastly superior to the more popular Club biscuits.

            2. isn't it ironic / odd? that none of us have suggested talking to Murchies - the venerable bc vancouver tea people - maybe they have an equivalent blend/flavour? it's on west pender - is it still there? they - along with other born and raised bc food and bev vendors seem to fall in to the woodwork. sad. tho their service was indifferent, i found.

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              1. re: Georgia Strait

                Yes Murchies is still on West Pender. They went into bankruptcy a few years ago and are now run by a new ownership.

                1. re: Georgia Strait

                  You know, I've been to their Oakridge location a few times and noticed they only sell their own blends of tea (nothing wrong with them - they're quite tasty) and so I didn't even think of them when the OP said they wanted a specific blend of Twinings tea. But you've had a good thought, GS - it might be interesting to go there & see if they can offer something close to the flavour of the Queen Mary brand. I find the service at the Oakridge location is fairly good, and a welcome relief after the predatory cheerfulness of the employees at David's Tea.