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Nov 1, 2012 10:31 AM

Can I Mold Chocolates in Carved Wooden Molds or Antique Metal Ice Cream Molds?

Years ago when I was in Japan, i collectedsome beautiful carved antique wooden molds that are used for tea sweets. Has anyone ever tried molding chocolates (candy, pure chocolate) in wooden molds? how about in antique metal ice cream molds (2 part, hinged in middle). Plse share any experience; greatly appreciate your help. I have used the latter successfully for butter.

In case neither of these worked, i just purchased a teflon-type multiple mini muffin tin. do you know if i'd have to coat it before pouring in the chocolate? thx again.

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  1. Chocolate can be molded in anything that it won't stick to, including metal and wood. The metal molds work best because they're non-porous. If you chocolate sticks to your molds it's probably because the molds are not completely dry (there must be absolutely no moisture in the molds) or because they are not completely clean. Another reason that chocolate sticks to molds is that the molds may be too warm when the chocolate is placed in them. Also remember that your chocolate candies must be completely cooled and hard (like cold) before popping them out of the molds.
    Your chocolate already has enough fat in it so there should be no reason to lubricate the molds, metal, wood or Teflon.