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Nov 1, 2012 10:31 AM

Neighborhood staples near Columbus Circle

We recently moved to the Columbus Circle area, and looking for some more of the good "neighborhood staple" type restaurants, ie places with great food where 2 people can eat and drink (1 glass each) for $100 give or take. Care most about food, atmosphere less important, 10 minute walk from columbus circle. The pricey places are easy to find info about, but looking for some more weekday night, easier on the wallet choices.
So far we've enjoyed:
Nick & Toni's
Brasilina (huge portions so price is not bad if you split things).
Don Antonio

So what else? There seem to be about 1000 restaurants in the area...


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  1. Rosa Mexicana
    Atlantic Grill
    Le Pain Quotidien
    La Boite en Bois
    Ed's Chowder House (in the Empire Hotel)

    1. Nick & Toni's is next to Lincoln Center. If you're up to walking that far north, here are a few of my favorites in the area:

      Bar Boulud
      Greek Kitchen
      Sapphire Indian
      Shun Lee Cafe (Shun Lee West is more expensive, doesn't have dim sum)

      All these are within your price range, though some entrees on the Bar Boulud menu will put you over it..

      1. Barcibo / Bin 71
        Lincoln (share 2 entrees)
        Bar Boulud / Boulud Sud (share small plates, or combination of small plates & an entree)
        Landmarc (half bottles of wine, easy to share small plates and entrees)
        Rosa Mexicano

        Other direction:
        RVR (yes for food :))

        1. The Smith is opening across from Lincoln Center tomorrow.

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            That looks pretty good. The Lincoln Center area has been losing restaurants like that, contemporary American cuisine with reasonable prices, since the closing of O'Neals' and Josephina, Thanks for posting.

            1. re: John Francis

              For my palate, The Smith has a very heavy hand with the pepper, cayenne, or hot sauce - whatever it is they're putting in the food. For anyone who's sensitive to that, you won't enjoy anything they're serving. There's one in my neighborhood. Also, lots of hard surfaces, so I expect it will be extremely noisy like the one on 2nd Ave.

            2. re: Scott_C

              The menu looks interesting. Looking forward to the pineapple upside down cake.

            3. The original comment has been removed