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Piedmont NC lovavore blog

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Just wanted to share a blog I've been enjoying. The posts are seasonally focused with links to local farms and the recipes look quite good. It captures the rhythm of the harvest and serves as a nice primer on traditional foodways. While the past is celebrated the recipes and suggestions reflect a wider range of influences.

The blog is affiliated with the Lucky 32 restaurants. While there is mention of the business it doesn't read as a promotion driven project. The blog is strong enough to be enjoyed for the well written posts, nice array of recipes and photographs. The chef's passion and respect for ingredients is the focus and is conveyed with genuineness.

I find inspiration for in-season ingredients and have learned about a great many local farms from this blog.

Note: I'm not associated with, etc., etc....


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    1. Wow that is a great blog, thanks for sharing. I like the persimmon ideas.

      1. Great blog and very useful. Thanks.

        1. Y'all holla if you want to come over and go to Lucky 32. I really like it.