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Nov 1, 2012 09:50 AM

Your Favorite One-Spice Dishes

I'm intrigued by dishes that highlight--often overwhelmingly--a single spice or herb. Personal favorites are Chicken Methi, which features fenugreek; Tamil Nadu Pepper Chicken, which calls for copious amounts of freshly ground black papper; middle eastern flat breads that require lots of zaatar (thyme); and, of course, basil pesto.

Are there any such dishes that are a regular part of your rotation?

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  1. Roasted rosemary potatoes.

    Chopped dill on green beans or new potatoes.

    Torn basil on sliced tomatoes.

    Garlic bread.

    Honey garlic wings/ribs.

    Brown butter with sage and toasted pine nuts/pecans, to top pumpkin/squash filled ravioli.

    1. Interesting topic. On the whole, I'm prone to overdoing it with spices - if one is good, three must be better. I do tend to put only chopped tarragon on steamed green beans because I don't want the tarragon flavor overwhelmed. Along with a little salted butter.

      1. I love thyme. I love butter. I love thyme in butter. Sauté some mushrooms in that butter and put it on toast, or eat it how it is, or scramble some eggs in thyme butter or mushroom thyme butter and I am in heaven. Get crazy and sauté some chanterelle mushrooms with thyme and butter and toss with some freshly cooked pasta and you have the most simple amazing pasta sauce. Throw in some pulled duck confit with the thyme sautéed chanterelles and pasta and I am the happiest camper.

        1. Salt crusted baked fish

          Soy sauce chicken (yes, I know there other spices)

          MaPo Tofu (Sichuan Peppercorns)

          Steak (salt)

          1. Fennel seeds added to the slowly sauteed garlic/butter/olive oil for my pasta and broccoli puts it over the top.....

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              I am a whore for fennel seeds. Amazing since I dislike licorice.

              1. re: melpy

                Me too--those horrible candies or the liquers send me from the room shrieking! How do you do with fresh fennel bulb?

                1. re: KSlink

                  I prefer it cooked, practically caramelized. Don't really enjoy it raw. I definitely use fennel seed more often than fennel.

                  1. re: melpy

                    Ditto here--great minds think alike. I knew I was on the right track after I devised a fennel stuffing for pork/chicken and then later saw Ina Garten make a nearly identical one on her'd she bug my kitchen, anyway?

                    1. re: KSlink

                      Fennel stuffing sounds lovely for pork. Care to share?

                      1. re: melpy

                        IIRC (it's been a while)....

                        fennel bulb
                        Italian seasoned bread crumbs
                        parmesan cheese
                        fennel seeds

                        More of an ingredient list than a recipe! This is one time where I didn't find garlic to be of much help, though I think Ina added some to her version. All veg. are fairly finely chopped and sauteed, with the fruits added toward the end to prevent overcooking. Hope you enjoy it!

                        1. re: KSlink

                          oh that sounds delicious! I put garlic in most of my savory dishes, but it seems like it would be superfluous in this recipe... Yum. Thank you.

                          1. re: kubasd

                            You're quite welcome! It's pretty simple and straightforward but always seems to come out as more than the sum of its parts--the first time I served it for Christmas Eve I only had the middle of a pork loin stuffed, and it wasn't nearly enough, so now I make sure to have a back-up pan as well....