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Nov 1, 2012 09:41 AM

Rolling pin rings?

Useful, inexpensive gadget or unnecessary, effete kitchen clutter?

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  1. Idea seems fine, but don't think I would use them. Too lazy and stubborn to resort to that, and would probably just use elastics or something else I already have rather than buy single purpose items.

    1. learm something new every day. Had to google to see what they were.. interesting. I am pretty anal, but I don't think I would even purchase..

      1. I asked the same question on another site, wondering if there was something I might already have around the house. Someone suggested rolling the dough out between lids from plastic containers--yogurt, ricotta, etc.......

        1. I have no idea. I have seen them many times, but have never used them. I really think it is one of those personal things -- that is, everyone have a different opinion on this, and you won't know your own until you try one.

          1. I received a set as a gift and find them quite useful. But until I got them, I never even thought about them.